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Friday, 18 August 2017

Sunshine and whiskey

Guys, this summer is one for the books. Despite the fires and smoke, it's one of the best summers I've ever experienced. Sunshine every day! Dry desert heat every day! Dirty feet and messy hair every day! It's beautiful. 

So is this tee. It's soft, beautiful, and it speaks to me. While I'm too wimpy to actually drink whiskey (it burns!), I like to portray the image of the tough, cool chick that can fling hay bales all day and drink the guys under the table all night. With this outfit, you can almost believe it, right?

There is another reason why I love this tee: I know the woman who made it! Her name is Janice, and we used to work together as mammography techs. She is kind, compassionate, hardworking and fun, and she started her own clothing business last year. To top it off, she's also a mom of an adorable little boy - talk about being a busy girl! 

In fact, I'm so in awe of her, that I had an idea: I'm going to start a series here on the blog featuring kickass women who pursue their dreams. There are several that I know IRL, plus some of my blogger friends. I can't wait to introduce you to some amazing, inspiring women!

Shorts: Old Navy
Boots: borrowed from my daughter (from Stampede Tack)
Sunnies: cheap $20-pair from a gas station (where I buy most of my sunglasses haha)

Watch out for the new series that's coming soon: Boss women!

xoxo Miriam


Thursday, 17 August 2017

It's never boring in Retire-Ville

The phone rings at 1am. I quickly pick up, expecting it to be the hospital, since I'm on call.
It's not. 

It's one of our neighbours.

"Hey, your dogs are barking so much, is everything alright? Are they in distress? Maybe there is a bear in the yard?!" I admire the approach of acting concerned. It's so much nicer than yelling at me, which must be the natural inclination at 1 in the morning.
The downside is that it makes me feel horrible.

Truth be told, I didn't hear them. When I sleep, I sleep, and a little disturbance like dogs barking won't distract me.
But now that I'm awake, I hear them. And they really are barking up a storm. There must be coyotes in the neighbourhood again. I apologize profusely, promise to make them stop, and then wake up Richard.
"Hey Rich, the neighbours called, the dogs are barking too much. Do something!"
He's uncooperative at first, but thanks to my superior skills of persuasion (i.e. incessantly poking him and telling him to get up), he eventually wakes up sufficiently to go outside and lock a couple of the dogs up. Once they're separated, they are a lot less mouthy.

As is my nature, I'm freaking out for a few days, worrying that we will have to move now, because our dogs are too noisy for tranquil retire-ville. But separating them at night does the trick, and I'm slowly calming down.

Until a few days later.

I'm returning home from an early call-back, driving towards our gate, when I see a couple of runners with a dog jogging towards our place. Wanting to close the gate safely before they reach me (because the dogs might run out to defend their property), I jump out of the car, close it and then try to quickly retreat. It's early in the morning, I haven't had coffee yet, and my introverted self doesn't want to talk to strangers.

Too late.

The runners are suddenly in front of me, waving cheerily. Sheesh, they are freakishly fast!
A moment later, I know why. "We've been wanting to meet you," the woman tells me. "We ran as fast as we can to catch you!" she adds with a laugh.


They live in the neighbourhood, on one of the properties that belong to the same, large subdivision we share with 30 or so other people. Even though they are far enough away that I've never met them, and only passed their house a handful of times over the last 8 months, they know us.
Or, more ominously, of us.

"Everybody is talking about all the animals you have," the guy tells me.
What, really?!
"Why?" I ask in astonishment. "Don't they have anything better to do?"
Apparently not.
We seem to be quite the hot topic of conversation, with a delegation of people having joined together with the common goal to make us more like them - less animals, more "normal".

We had a very pleasant chat, because the two runners seem like very nice, fun people - but we couldn't quite figure out what the neighbourhood's fixation with our animals is.

I have a feeling that this saga isn't over yet ...

xoxo Miriam

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Adapting to my surroundings

Humans are amazingly adaptable creatures. Put us into any environment long enough, and we will get used to it, no matter how impossible it may have seemed in the beginning. 

I've had a fascination with cowboys since I was little. One of the main reasons for coming to Canada was to live in cowboy country; and 14 years after moving to BC, we finally realized this dream of ours last December

It's interesting to see how our cowboy town has influenced my style. Over the last few months, I have noticed myself being drawn to everything country, and have embraced what I call "cowboy style". 
I've always liked plaid, jeans, and hats, and I have added several more pieces to my wardrobe since our move. 
But the biggest change? I'm ready to get my own, real pair of cowboy boots! Our daughter left her old pair at our house, and I've started to wear them regularly (I hope you don't mind girl!). 
After years of being on the fence about them, I'm ready to get my own pair!

Hat: Old Navy (similar)
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: old (lots of amazing midi skirts can be found here)
Boots: borrowed from my daughter (from Stampede Tack)
Necklace: Shein

Happy weekend!

xoxo Miriam

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