Sunday, 3 May 2015

Inside the mind of a procrastinator

I'm blogging less. Have you noticed? I have gone from averaging 5 posts per week to 3. Maybe that is expected after two years of blogging - if you are in it for the long haul, the urge to post as much as possible lessens. Nothing to say today? It's okay, the blog will still be there tomorrow. 
However, this is not true for me. My desire to write and blog has not lessened, it is as strong as ever. Is it the new, time-consuming hobby I picked up? (Yoga, I'm looking at you.) While it is partly responsible for it, that's not the entire reason either. 

I blame it on something else: My advanced skill level in procrastination. It has always been highly developed, but lately I kicked it up a notch. The reason is, once again, my big head full of big dreams. I spend a ridiculous amount of time dreaming about future-Miriam: A handstanding, green juice-drinking writing-ninja. 

I picture myself churning out a couple thousand words before breakfast for my next novel, then jugging a glass of antioxidant-rich and vitamin-packed juice before doing one-armed handstands and writing witty, intelligent and highly relevant blog posts for my rapt audience. 

The beauty of these dreams is that you don't have to do any of the actual work: No pain, all the gain. But that's why we dream, isn't it? It's such a pleasant way to pass the time, with no negative side effects. Well, maybe this one: If you get the idea in your pink-clouded head to actually make a go for it. I have ideas written down everywhere: In my day planner, on scraps of paper on my desk, in random text messages to myself. They give me a burst of energy and the determination that "this time, I will really do it!". So I sit down in front of my computer, my heart full of hope and my brain buzzing with ideas, and the procrastination ride begins:

I have jotted down my ideas, written my goals on a piece of paper and tacked them on my cork board (on top of the other 651 motivational notes written to myself), and I am thrilled: I'm ready to get started on the rest of my life! Fame and fortune, here I come. 
Hmm. Where should I start? Should I continue to work on the novel? Who knew that writing hundreds of thousands of words in a coherent manner would be so hard. No instant gratification. I get confused with time lines and my characters. I have started and re-started so many times that I get the characters of the different stories mixed up. I'm tired just thinking about it - but I'm sure every writer feels that way, right? Okay, let's just quickly read some motivational quotes on Pinterest, they will get me going. 

20 minutes later     

You can make 6 figures blogging? Let's click on that, I need to learn these secrets. I would be happy with 4 figures! Or, let's be honest here, any figures at all. My grand total of blogging-related income is: $62.74, one free dress, one free pair of glasses. (I just spent another 5 minutes to look up that exact number. Accuracy is important.) Oh yes, the secrets. Okay, let's see....

... Hrumph, I knew it. The usual 'sign up with companies', 'sponsored posts', yada yada yada. For "all the secrets", buy her book. I should have known: If it looks to good to be true, it usually is.  

Oh, look at the time. Okay, close Pinterest and get to work! Hmm, I think I should buy Jeff Goins' book The Art of Work. It got such good reviews, and I'm sure I could learn something useful from it - let's just have a look how much it is. *Heads over to Amazon.*

40 minutes later

I almost bought another pair of shoes! Phew, that was close. Good thing they didn't have the metallic sea-green sandals in my size. Even though it is a shame - they are gorgeous! I bookmarked the page, have to check back regularly to see if they will restock them. They totally should! They would be perfect for dressing up a casual outfit of boyfriend shorts and a plain white Tee, or to pair with my LBD. Such a shame that they didn't have them in my size. Maybe another retailer will?


70 minutes later

They are too expensive for me. Maybe one day when I make more money, but not right now. Oh yes, that's right, I'm supposed to be working on my future here. No more procrastinating! *Tells herself sternly: "Close all websites."*

Okay, done. 

I think I will work on my eBook instead of the novel. Oh, you haven't heard? I have decided to write an eBook about the trials and tribulations of being in your 30s. It will be a collection of essays about how disappointing it is to still not having life figured out when you have lived a third of it already. Hmm, that sounds a bit depressing actually. Maybe I should focus on a more positive topic? Or I could make it funny?  

90 minutes later

Uhm, my mind is a blank. Maybe I will get to it later. Okay, just write a blog post, that's easy, right?
Let me have a look at my post ideas... 
Oh, that's right, I haven't done a How To-post in months! That was supposed to be a series - should I resurrect it? But I'm not much of a teacher. I feel much more comfortable in the role of student. Why is that? Shouldn't I be at a stage where I teach others? Isn't that a rite of passage, yet another requirement of being an adult? Pass on your wisdom. But I don't have any. Is that negative self talk? 
Or normal human behaviour? Kino, what do you think?

*Opens Instagram to read some uplifting and motivational truths from 'her' yoga teacher, Kino MacGregor. Falls into the rabbit hole of Instagram.* 

120 minutes later

Omg, I just have wasted two hours without having achieved a single thing. Two hours! I am disgusted with myself. I don't deserve to call myself a writer, or a blogger. I am lazy! A despicable human being. I will be the boring person who keeps going on and on about all the things she is going to do 'one day' - and never will. 


But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is: I didn't get the sandals.

Are you a fellow procrastinator? Or are you one of the super-human get-it-done kinda people? If you are, please share your secrets!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fashion Friday: The girl who can't stop reading

Guys, I have to keep this brief today. I'm mentally not here, but on a train to London with Rachel. We are desperately trying to figure out what happened during that ominous Saturday night where she had a blackout, waking up bloody and with no memory of the previous night. We are returning to the scene of the crime (so to speak), desperately trying to remember... 


I am currently reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. and I cannot.stop.reading. I haven't had a shower today, haven't taking a single picture during my yoga practice (no time for challenges), haven't walked the dogs. I need to know what will happen next! This book is so good, like Gone Girl on speed, highly addictive and full of delicious twists and turns. 

The photos you see here were taken a couple of weeks ago, for an emergency just like this (i.e. no time for anything, let alone outfit photos, sheesh). A good thing too, since today was the most dismal day, grey and depressive looking. A perfect day for reading and napping!

Okay, returning to my book now. No spoilers please!
Top: Joe Fresh (old; I wish I had this one in my closet); skirt: Etsy; shoes: old (similar); earrings: gift (these are gorgeous - and cheap!)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My happy place + Let's grow together {Link-up #16}

They say one cannot buy happiness. While I would usually agree, today I have to point out the exception to the rule: You can when it comes in the form of the perfect, most beautiful coral red hammock. The best part? It only cost $29.99! I have wanted a hammock for my favourite spot under the willow tree for a couple of years, but couldn't find what I wanted: they were either too expensive, too uncomfortable, or not durable enough to keep outside for approximately 6 months. 

Last week I went to IKEA to buy some picture frames, not even thinking of hammocks. On my way to the tills however, what was hanging there in all its coral splendor? The hammock of my dreams! When I saw the price tag I could barely believe my luck. In the blue bag it went, and two days ago we put it up in the exact spot I had always pictured for it - it fits perfectly. Don't you just love it when life works out sometimes? 

I also took the opportunity to take some more pictures of our new puppy Nina. She fits in well with the other dogs, and has the spunkiest personality! It will be a challenge to train her to leave the birds alone, she thinks it's the funnest game ever to chase the chickens. 
We also call her pink panther because she has the sleek, elegant body of a panther and assumes a stalking position every time one of the other dogs approaches her. We just love her!

Like I said on Instagram - this is where you will find me for the rest of the summer.

Where is your happy place?

Farm Girl