Thursday, 30 October 2014

Some strange facts

Oh hi, fancy seeing you here! Or should I say, seeing myself here? 
I decided to jump back into Blogtober for the last 2 days, to make it an uneven 17 days of participation in total. 17 out of 31 isn't too shabby, right? At least I crossed the halfway mark.

Today's prompt is facts about ourselves. As bloggers, we tend to talk a lot about ourselves: in our posts, the tricky About page, that little blurb on Instagram, in the form of the photos we share. (Did you notice my shameless plugs haha?) Every time someone finds out about the blog, they want to know what it is about, and we give them a quick overview. It is a bit like writing a resume over and over! Maybe that is why we bloggers are so aware of our needs and wants, because we think about them so much. Blogging definitely improves self awareness - one of the many things I like about it. However, trying to think of facts that you might not know yet makes this challenge quite challenging indeed!

Well, I dug deep, and came up with 10 weird facts about me:

1. After years of consuming diet products, I am now terrified of them. Particularly diet pop. I'm convinced they make your insides rot - so much so, that I now feel physically sick whenever I accidentally drink one. (The power of the mind.) At the rare occasion that I have a pop, it's full sugar all the way!

2. I have wacky dreams almost every night. One that repeatedly shows up is bathroom dreams: Bathrooms with no privacy, people watching me, or the old classic: I go into a stall and lock it, only to find out that there are no walls between the toilets. What does it mean?? It's such an annoying dream.

3. Since I don't like cheese, Mac'n Cheese has never appealed to me. My version when I crave a bowl full of pasta: Noodles with ketchup. Delicious! Don't knock it till you've tried it!

4. The corgi and I sleep bum to bum at night. Round bums unite!

5.  I am toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, as inspired by Jenny. The idea thrills and terrifies me simultaneously.

6. When writing, I google a lot of words/expressions, to make sure I use them correctly. I hope google hasn't let me down without me realizing it?!

7. Speaking of which, one of the search keywords that has led one lucky soul to my blog is "vbhbfv afhv". (I took great care to copy it down exactly.) Have I ever said that??

8. After approximately 12 years of not caring about my hair at all, I have developed quite the attachment. Normal or worrysome? I can't decide.

9. Also, after steadfastly claiming that "I don't do DIY", I did, in fact, do some DIY recently. I made glitter bunting and some garlands, and - dare I say it? It was fun! I want to do more! I'm even contemplating some home made Christmas gifts this year. Who AM I? I blame Pinterest.

10. I never flossed until I came to Canada at the age of 23, and have the cavities to prove it. Now I am religious about flossing!

What are some of your quirks? Share below!

xo Miriam

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Big-bottomed girls

Hi humans, Lily here.
That's right, I'm a blogger too. Even though I prefer the term cogger - corgi+blogger. Much more accurate. I've watched my mom plenty of times, and it doesn't look hard. Just typing and drinking coffee. I'm not drinking coffee though, I tried it and it is disgusting. Water tastes so much better. I drink it out of mom's glass sometimes when she isn't watching.

I need to talk about butts today. My philosophy is: the bigger and smellier, the better.

Fluffy is best, but you can't all be perfect. That's okay. Here is what I don't understand: Humans saying their butt is "too big". What do you mean, too big? That is not possible. Did we not just agree that bigger is better? If you are the biggest, aren't you the bestest? It is completely logical, and should not be difficult to understand.

You two-legs don't seem too clever sometimes, even though you invented milk bones. You worry too much. Such as about the size of your butts. Life is too short. Listen to someone who's life moves 7 times as fast as yours. I'm only 1 in corgi years, yet 15 years old in human years. Which explains why I'm already so smart - teenagers know everything.

However. Despite my personal philosophy that big and fluffy is cute, small and unfluffy is lovely, too. What you need to remember is: Any size bum is okay. Stop worrying about it. I got a round derrière (score!), but my best friend Phoebe doesn't, and she is pretty as can be. Just look at that luxurious, long tail!  And what's most important: we have so much fun together!

As long as you have fun, everything is good.

But one fact remains a mystery to me: How you humans don't greet each other properly. What's up with that paw shaking business? You haven't met someone properly until you have sniffed their butts, round or not round. Or at least their genitals. Think about it, and you will have to agree.


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Sunday, 26 October 2014

What do you do for love?

The other day, I went window shopping. Which, strictly speaking, wasn't window shopping at all, since I entered the stores - but I had no intention of buying anything. It was a beautiful, sunny day, yet bafflingly, the stores were crazy busy. (I usually never go shopping when the weather is nice, I much rather hang out at the farm - but the weather was playing tricks on us that day. It was supposed to be raining. Do people always go shopping even if it's nice out? Or did they get caught in the same trap as me?)


What struck me, was the amount of husbands/boyfriends accompanying their wives/girlfriends on shopping trips. And I'm not talking the man-friendly electronics or hardware store: we are talking real girly stores! I went to a book store, an antiques store, a home decorating store, and - the pièce de résistance - a fabric store. There were guys in all of them! And not single guys, maybe looking to pick up a date, but guys in relationships, trudging behind their women, with slightly pained expressions on their faces.

I was in awe.   

It would never, in a million years, occur to me to ask my husband to come to a fabric store to me. To be honest, it was quite unfamiliar territory to myself, and I didn't last very long. 
I'm not a sewer, and all those rows and rows of fabric, lining, and whatever else they had, was quite overwhelming.  
But I, at least, don't have a Y chromosome that is impeding my understanding of these feminine domains. (Even though it felt that way. Those ladies were speaking a foreign language of ruching, pleating and hemming that I had absolutely no concept of.)

It got me thinking. Either these ladies have a powerful tool of persuasion to get their husbands to tag along (what is it?? Help a sister out!), or they have a tradition of going shopping together on the weekend. Whatever it is, I thought it was sweet. And obviously, my next thought was: "What do Rich and I do for each other that we may not fully understand, but tolerate out of love?"

Here is my (hopelessly incomplete) list: 

He tolerates my crazy (it's really more of an obsession) love for our little Corgi-girl Lily. She was supposed to be "our" dog, but she's a 100% mine. And I'm loving every second of it. Rich probably pictured our having an inside dog differently, but he acts like he's totally fine with it. And I love him for that. 

I support his (obsessive) love for birds. We have hundreds of them, and despite claiming all.the.time that he will "cut down by half", it hasn't happened yet after all these years. It never will. But I'm a-okay with that. It makes him happy, and they sure look pretty, don't they?

Once in a while I will get the urge to re-decorate, or randomly string fairy lights all across the living room. He didn't say a word. It was only after I took them down again, stating that "they looked ridiculous", that he expressed his gratitude for doing so. He had not liked them at all, yet was supportive.

I will always feed the animals for him if he's busy, away or simply too lazy. You're welcome hubs!

He supports my habit of taking pictures of everything. He will even take pictures of me if I really beg, or reluctantly agree to the occasional selfie.

Again, he with all the animals.
I, being fine with it. (And supportive!)

This picture has nothing to do with any of this. I just thought it worth posting. 
October, you sure are pretty!

What will you do for love? 

xo Miriam

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