Wednesday 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

This is the last picture of my 365 project. Done!

Since I'm a sucker for recaps and a big fan of Google I leave you with Google's memories of 2014. It's just the right amount of sappy, and it has the German soccer team in it!

Stay safe tonight, party hardy or go to bed at 10 pm, and see you all on the other side, with fresh hopes, hangovers, brand-new gym memberships and best intentions!

Love you all, 


Tuesday 30 December 2014

My 365 project - a year of photographs

One year ago, I decided to embark on a year-long challenge: Take a photograph every day, 365 days in a row. It's the first time that I have ever done anything like that, and let me tell you: I had a blast!
For someone who doesn't have the best track record when it comes to challenges (I never finish them) I am proud to say: This time, I did it! There may have been the odd day where I didn't get a decent photo (or any photo at all), but there were also days were I took tons, so I figure it all balanced out in the end, right?

I had two main goals with this challenge: To document the year, and to get better at photography. Did I succeed?
Well, I learnt both less and more than I expected. Confusing much? Let me explain: I had hoped that I would be a pro at using my camera after a year of photos, and speak the language of f-stops, aperture and white balance fluently. Sadly, I don't. Not at all. I also still rely heavily on the pre-settings, because they are just so damn good! So in this aspect, you could say I failed. 
However, I still say the project was a success, and here is why: I have lost my reluctance to bring my camera everywhere I go. I used to feel awkward lugging it around, but not any more! I also learnt a bunch about editing, and have switched from mainly using filters to now change the brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth. 

But the best part is falling even more in love with a creative hobby. I simply love taking photos, mainly of our animals and nature, and this challenge was a great incentive to go out and do more of that. I won't continue the challenge in the new year, but I will definitely continue taking pictures! I love having photos to remind me of a fleeting moment in time, and they cheer me up on days when I'm down and remind me of the beauty of the world. 

Over the last week I have tried to narrow the photos down to my 12 favourites. Omg, talk about an impossible goal! It was really hard, but it needed to be done, so here they are: 

My favourite photos of the year 2014

I chose these 12 because I either associate them with a really good memory, or because - well, I just like them. Sorry, I can't explain why!

Here are all the pictures that I took for the challenge:













There is one more left - tomorrow's. Can't wait to see what it will be!

Have you ever done a photography challenge? If you have, please link your photos in the comments, I would love to see them. If you haven't, I highly recommend it!

Love, Miriam


Sunday 28 December 2014

My goals for 2015

The last few days have been odd. But then, the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve always are, don't you think? To me, that last week of the old year seems like it is lost time, not used productively in any way. I feel suspended in limbo, paralyzed of sorts - it's not relaxing either. More like waiting for a train - sitting, waiting, and wishing that the train just show up already!

Well, the train is fast approaching, and I'm forcing myself out of my lethargy and looking towards a new, fresh year. I love making plans for the new year, and hearing other people's ambitions!

For 2015 I am dreaming big. There are several goals I want to accomplish, some loftier than others - for now I have best intentions, and I guess that's a good start, right?

Here they are, like always in no particular order:

  • Become a Canadian citizen. I have been wanting to do this for years. Currently I'm still a landed immigrant and a German citizen. We can have dual citizenship, which is what I want to have. It's one of those 'things-to-do' on my never-ending to-do list that pop into my mind every few months, always thinking that "I should really get on that". The paperwork is what I'm dreading, but no more excuses: 2015 is the year where I will make it happen!
  • Grow my blog. After close to two years of blogging and 445 published posts I can say with confidence that I love blogging more than ever. I would be lying if I wouldn't like for my blog to become bigger! I haven't been very intentional with growing it, and am definitely not a proactive person - so far I wait for people to approach me and not vice versa. I intend to change that! It's a scary prospect for me, and one that will mean leaving the comfort zone of my cozy little circle - but you don't get anywhere by staying in a little circle. Eeks, wish me luck!
  • Forgive. Over the last year I have learnt that holding grudges hurts one person more than anyone else: yourself. Chances are, the person you are mad at doesn't even know or care. Letting go of that was one of the best things I have done over the past year, and I want to continue doing that!
  • Be open to opportunities. Sadly, I am a person that's quick to say no. Overall I'm so comfortable in my life that my first instinct is to turn down any new, scary and uncomfortable chances that may come my way. It's not so much the fear of failure (any more), it's the fear of being in a place far outside my comfort zone. But how can you grow without growing pains? And I do want to keep growing as a person, professional, blogger and writer. So my goal is to say YES more often!
  • Write. 2015 will be the year of writing with reckless abandon. Short stories, true stories, novellas, novels, made-up stories - as long as I bring words to paper (well, screen), I will be happy. Writing is so much fun, and it's my biggest dream to see a book with my name on it in a bookstore one day. I'm working on it! 
  • Education. This one is a maybe, but I am considering maybe taking a few more courses in the field of Medical Radiography. More knowledge is more power?!
  • Keep growing my hair. I am on a quest to find out just how long I can grow my hair. It hasn't been past my shoulders since I've been 10 years old, so I am curious to find out!
December 30, 2014

Last year I had three goals: To become a better photographer, writer, and rider (of horses). It's hard to judge for yourself, but I would say that there was some improvement in regards to goals one and two. Or at least, lots and lots of practising! I still enjoy both activities tremendously, so that is definitely a win in my book. But I failed completely on goal #3: horses and I will probably always get along best when we are both on the ground. I don't expect to ever feel completely at ease when I'm sitting on them. Oh well, you can't always win at life! 

Do you have any goals for the New Year? If you do, please share!

xo Miriam


Friday 26 December 2014

One-year anniversary

Dear humans,

I just found out something that has rocked my world - and not in a good way. All the celebrating of the last few days, the gifts and food and endless supply of wrapping paper to chew on - that was not for me? I still can't believe it. Do you believe in coincidences? I do not. You may think you celebrated Christmas, but that is someone fooling you. I don't know who (yet) - but I will find out, and there will be consequences!

The real reason for all the parties must have been my adoption day. It's on the same day, and like I said, it seems highly unlikely that this is a coincidence, right? Right. A year ago, on Christmas eve, I came home to my new parents. I have to say, I dig it here.
Literally (there is so much dirt to dig in!) and figuratively. 

My old family didn't have a computer or TV (they were Amish). I didn't know what I was missing! Not only do I enjoy a good couch session with dad, but how could I have blogged without a computer? You tell me.

But even better than that are my new siblings.
Blue was the first one I met. She was really nice. She didn't like playing with me, because she was old; she 
died last August. I don't know if mom told you guys - she doesn't like talking about it, because it makes her sad. 

Snowy and I go for walks together with mom, which is a ton of fun! I particularly like biting Snowy's leash and leading her around. She doesn't care for it much, but let's me do it anyway.

Bear was next. He was scary at first and growled at me when I tried to eat his food. But when I don't do that, he is great!

Phoebe is my best friend. We have so much fun together!

But don't think it's all fun and no work, because that's not true at all. I have several chores:
Doing dishes. 
Herding the sheep. 
Keeping an eye on the llama (she is a wild one).
Getting mom's coffee. (Trust me, you don't want to talk to her before she had her first cup.)

I also like just hanging out with mom. She's annoying sometimes (she won't leave me alone!), but also fun.
I like her cuddles! But only for a few seconds. Then it's enough. 

What I like best, though, are the adventures we go on. 
Family outings. 
Going to the beach.
Going swimming.
Meeting new friends.
Playing on the farm.
Delivering presents to my parent's friends. 

I'm a happy little Corgi, is all I'm saying. Particularly since I don't have to endure getting dressed like some other dogs - that's just humiliating. Why cover up a perfectly nice fur?

The first year was brilliant, keep 'em coming!

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