Thursday, 28 November 2013

Style: Beach outfit

Happy Thanksgiving America!!
Today I am grateful for the last 9 days I spent in your beautiful country. It has been a real pleasure being here and exploring a bit of California and Oregon. They are both gorgeous states.
It was eerily quiet everywhere today: Most of the stores and restaurants were closed, not very many people on the road. I hope you all enjoyed your turkeys and pie?!

We spent our last vacation day slowly driving up the coast, stopping at whichever beach took our fancy.
Tomorrow we will be home again. One thing I can't wait for? My own bed!

And hugging my furry babes of course.
Pants: Smart Set
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Rich jacket: WalMart ;-)

Next time I'll talk to you from Canada, eh!

xo Miriam

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday! It was thrilling, I was really excited. After San Francisco we left Highway 1 and moved over to 101. It leads through beautiful wine country, a very enjoyable drive.
Today we saw the huge, impressive redwoods, hung out at a beautiful beach, and I fell in love with northern California and the tiny bit of Oregon we have seen thus far. It is SO gorgeous!!

Tonight we splurged, we are staying at a hotel right by the beach. Currently we are listening to the waves crashing against the shore and a fog horn in the distance.

Tomorrow is our last full day, Friday we are going home.

Happy Thanksgiving America, we thoroughly enjoy your country and hospitality!

Love, Miriam

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Three things I can't live without

Sand dunes in Marina Beach
I've been up since 7am. Again. This trip proofs to be some sort of time machine: I have transformed into a senior citizen who goes to bed at 9pm and is up at the crack of dawn. Very strange.
However, it gives me plenty of time to spend online in the morning.
And today I came across Bonnie's question: You are going on a trip, what are the three must have items in your travel bag?
Perfect timing! I am on a trip, that should be easy. Just take a peek into my suitcase and I'm all set.
Pebble Beach, Monterey
1. Camera
That one is obvious. To this day I regret that we didn't take a single picture on our first trip together through Spain, 11 years ago. I have a bad memory! Even though I still remember the trip, there are so many things about the country I have forgotten. Without photos to jog the memory, make you cringe when looking at bad hair and fashion choices, and reminisce over the whole vacation seems diminished. And that's really sad.
Will I laugh at my clogs one day? Impossible to imagine now (I love them!), but let's talk again in 11 years.
Lover's Point, Monterey
2. Entertainment
I have an irrational fear of being bored. The thought of being on a flight without my kindle/books/magazines/movies terrifies me. It would be beyond terrible. Akin to torture. Just sitting there, not doing anything? Unimaginable.
On this trip I have 'only' brought along my kindle and laptop. Bare essentials, no? And of course Richard to bug talk/sing to (I make up songs when I get bored) on the long drives.

 3. Cute outfits
Vain? Yup. But I can't help it. I love clothes. Not being able to always dress the way I want in everyday life (scrubs at work, farm clothes at home), dressing on vacation is a big part of the fun for me. And who wants to wear the same outfit in every photo? (Richard, that's who. He couldn't care less.)
But it stops at the outfit for me: there is zero make-up on my face, my hair is atrocious, and on this trip I am also breaking out like a teenager. Can't have everything.

What are your three must-have items when you go away?

Linking up with Bonnie from A Compass Rose.

Love, Miriam

Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekly highlights: Vacation!

This is 3 days late - vacation brain, ya know?
Here are last week's highlights:

Friday, November 15th
Our new kitchen floor! I'm in love with it. It's worth the potty talk of the floor guys

Saturday, November 16th
Last day of work! I celebrated with wine and the season finale of ANTM. Yes, I still watch Tyra.

Sunday, November 17th
Did some painting, organizing and walking. Three things from my list! To get into the spirit of the season, I listened to Christmas Bliss, which is just delightful - Southern accent, a wedding, a baby and a snowy Christmas all included.

Monday, November 18th
We started the day off right by going for lunch where I unashamedly ordered a beer - why not? Afterwards we did a ton of chores and bought new clothes for Rich.

Tuesday, November 19th
The day of the surprise! It was also gloriously sunny, I got to play with some kid's toys, won at Operation, and found these cute ballet flats for $5.97. 

Wednesday, November 20th
Very busy morning, followed by a long drive. Our adventure has started!

Thursday, November 21st
We completed 1600 km that day, all due to Rich's awesome driving Mojo. Loving the alone time with him. 

xo Miriam


Wildlife extravaganza

You may have noticed that our trip is filled with nature and not much else. That is entirely on purpose.
We are weird that way: Once we are out in the wilderness and have nothing but sky above us, trees/desert/vastness/ocean around us, we don't want to see huge buildings, concrete and lots of people.
So we bypassed LA and any of the other huge cities in favour of tiny towns.
When we look for a place to eat we prefer individual small restaurants or diners, not the big chains.

But instead of boring you with more pictures of clouds and sky (and there are many, many more), today is all about the wildlife we encountered yesterday.
And maybe a sandcastle thrown in. Since we finally made it to the coast!

Seeing the ocean for the first time after a few days of - well, not being close to it (do I make sense?) is always uplifting. There's just something carefree, mood boosting about it! In German we have a saying that describes when we are feeling happy, grateful and appreciative: "My heart opens". I kept telling Richard throughout the day: "My heart is still open. Wiiide open." It was a wonderful day.

Elephant seals! There were hundreds of them, it was incredible. The females and their babies were resting on the beach, while the males were in the water: guarding them, fighting, roaring, and mating. Yes, we saw a couple mate!

Yes, we saw zebras, mixed in with cows. Go figure.

What a beautiful day. How was your Sunday?

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xoxo Miriam

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day in the desert

Greetings from Atascadero!
Yesterday was spectacular. Instead of heading straight to the coast we decided on a whim to take a longer route through the desert - and absolutely loved it. Amazing, breathtaking country! It was very cloudy and had just rained, which gave it its own unique charm. Rain in the desert is so rare, it made it special.

I took a ton of pictures, but I restrained myself and didn't dump them all on here. Even though I wanted to, believe me ;-)

We stumbled upon Route 66! It was a total fluke, we got slightly lost, and all of a sudden we noticed the sign.
I have a soft spot for it since it has always been my dad's dream to drive along it one day.
Hopefully he will be able to do it!
We have been mainly eating in diners so far because we try to avoid fast food restaurants.
This one hit the spot: tea and lemon meringue pie for Rich, coffee and an apple empanada for me.

The perfect ending for the day was the best.meal.ever. Ohmygod it was so delicious!
We went to a Mexican restaurant and I ordered their grilled seabass with shrimps, cilantro rice, and the most heavenly creamy, spicy sauce I have ever tasted. Divine! I could eat this sauce for the rest of my life it was that good.
They also had a wicked sangria: I had one glass and was drunk. Whowzer!
All in all, an excellent day.

I hope your weekend is going well!

xo Miriam
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