Thursday 30 December 2021

Best and worst of 2021

The week between Christmas and New Year is the strangest week of the year. Nobody knows what day it is, but that's okay - time has lost all meaning. Normal meal times have been suspended in favour of grazing through all the leftovers, which may mean a cold turkey leg for breakfast and Christmas cookies for dinner one day, and a pizza and dill chips for dinner at 4 in the afternoon another. It's fine though, because it's the  week of the year where expectations are zero and anything goes

Thursday 16 December 2021

Before and after

You call in to work, saying that you won't come in today because you're too afraid to drive on exceedingly dangerous snowy and icy roads. 
Their response? "It's your responsibility to get to your place of work on time. You chose it, knowing all the possible risks associated with it. It's your problem, not ours. You won't get paid."

You drive into work on exceedingly dangerous snowy and icy roads. You get into an accident. 
Their response? "You poor thing! Why did you come in today? You should have stayed home!"


Sunday 5 December 2021

"You're too sensitive"

Without warning I started to cry during the Santa parade and had to leave. 
Tears were pricking my eyes when I saw the "Welcome back Health Care Team" sign in front of the hospital. 
I had to take some deep breaths when I read the simple words "Welcome back" taped to the door of WalMart so I wouldn't start bawling like a loser right in front of WalMart. 

Wednesday 1 December 2021

The joys and woes of being a rural x-ray technologist

The fog is thick and dense. It's still dark outside, and with the impenetrable fog I can see nothing but a white wall surrounding me. Visibility? What visibility? I'm crawling at a speed of less than 50km/h, hoping the fog will clear at some point. Even though I've left two hours early, I may be late if I have to drive the entire 108 kilometers at this snail's pace. 
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