Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Second Spring

Perimenopause has arrived - and I'm here to tell you all the bloody details. Second Spring is one such story, and just to give you an idea of what it's about: I wanted to call it "Sometimes you bleed like a stuck pig", but the editors of Forty Fifty politely said "hell, no" and suggested the much better title Second Spring. If you like true crime or horror stories you gonna love this one!

Friday, 10 March 2023



Friday, 17 February 2023

Breaking through the glass

I wrote a piece for the Sober Book Club about how I had built a thick wall of glass around myself while drinking that muted the colours, sounds, and smells of life. I saw life unfold but the glass wall prevented me from experiencing it fully and continuously shrank my world.  

Ever since I quit life has been expanding, and it keeps getting bigger, better and more exciting!
Read the article here: Breaking through the glass.


Monday, 23 January 2023

Everything is Broken and Completely Fine

My latest book is out today! Read what it's about here

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