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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

10 reasons why you should do THE SCARY THING

Life – if lived right – is a daring adventure. If we want to live it to the fullest, if we want to suck every last drop out of it and take advantage of new opportunities, we will be scared. 

Unfortunately, adventure doesn’t come without risk, and risk scares us. So do new things. And change. And putting ourselves out there. We are afraid of what other people may think. We are worried that we may fail. 
And we are scared that the change we are contemplating may be for the worse. That we are making a mistake. The list goes on! 
I’m sure you’re as familiar with fear as I am, because fear is part of human life. Everybody is scared. Many of us let fear rule our life, and don’t dare try the thing they dream of, because of all the reasons listed above.  
However, there are the people who go for it despite the fear. Who push through it, and find out that life beyond fear? It’s the best damn thing. 
I’ve tried a few things in my life that scared the shit out of me, and I noticed something interesting. 
There are two kinds of fear: The good kind and the bad kind. 
The good kind is when you have butterflies in your stomach, and when you feel queasy, but also excited. That sort of fear gives you energy, and makes you look forward to what’s coming. 
The bad kind is when the fear is so heavy, it pulls you down. You literally want to hide under your covers. That fear is a lead blanket, holding you down, paralyzing you.    

I’ve identified 10 signs that will tell you that you should absolutely continue doing THE SCARY THING despite the fear: 
1. Excitement is mixed into the fear. 
You are scared, sure. But there are also moments of pure bliss, where you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. Because you’re doing it! You’re doing THE SCARY THING you have dreamed of and thought about and agonized over for so long! And in between feeling nauseous and wanting to puke, you’re damn proud of yourself.  

2. You wake up in the morning happy and full of energy. 
On days where you could sleep in, you wake up early, unable to sleep any longer. You have some goal chasing to do! Instead of dreading having to get up, you are eager, because you have work to do. Work that thrills you and that makes you glad to be alive. It’s an amazing feeling.  

3. You have thought and talked about THE SCARY THING about a gazillion times, unable to get it out of your head. 
You have also tried to quit it about a thousand times. And you can’t. That inability to just let go of your dream tells you something very important: That you will regret it if you don’t at least try. I’m a huge believer that trying and failing is much better than not trying at all.  
If you don’t try, you already failed, without even giving you a chance to succeed. I have read repeatedly that people who are at the end of their lives don’t regret the chances they took, but the chances they didn’t take.  

4. You still think about it all the time, but this time with a mix of enthusiasm, anticipation, incredulity, and a healthy dose of “fuck, is this really happening?!” 
Once you’ve embarked upon your journey doing THE SCARY THING, you still think about it all the damn time. It’s the first thought that pops in your head when you wake up and the last one before you fall asleep. You have to make a conscious effort not to talk about it constantly to the small circle who knows about it. But this time, there’s a difference: The nagging sense of disappointment/self-loathing is missing. And oh, it’s glorious.    

5. You admire others who are already doing what you are about to do.
There used to be a time where you envied people their success. Looking at them succeed made you feel like a failure. (Or was that just me?) 
But now it’s different. You are motivated by people who are doing what you want to be doing! Because it shows you that it can be done. And you can learn from them. You may even connect with them at some point, and become part of their tribe! 
A new world is opening up, and nothing seems impossible! 

6. You tell other people about it. 
At first, you only shared your dreams with a select few people: Maybe your partner, or your best friend, or the Internet. (We bloggers are weird.) 
But the more you work towards your goal, the more you start telling other people, because it’s starting to feel like a real possibility – like, this gig could actually work out. As long as it was only in your head, it seemed impossible – but now that you’re doing it, you recognize that by doing it you have moved it from dream to goal – from fantasy to reality.  

7. You seek help. 
The more you learn about it, and about other people who have successfully done what you are doing, the more you realize that they all had help. Every single one of them. You may have been too afraid/unworthy/awkward/proud to ask for help before, but now you do. Because if you don’t you won’t be able to accomplish THE SCARY THING, and you have come this far, it’s too late to quit now! 

8. You sacrifice other things in your life for it: You watch less Netflix, you get up an hour early to work on it; you cancel plans with friends for it. 
Shit is getting real when you are willing to sacrifice Netflix and drinks with the guys! Even weirder, you actually don’t mind doing itYou have a to-do list to do work on! 

9. You are investing money, time, and all your energy in your dream, because it’s that important to you. 
You have repeatedly heard the advice that you have to invest in your business/goals. But until now, you never have, because deep down you were convinced that you aren’t worth it, and that spending money on it would be a waste. Well, all that connecting and asking for help and learning from others is paying off, because now you know that if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anybody else? And if you don’t invest money/time/energy in yourself, why should anybody else? If you are convinced that what you have to contribute to the world is valuable, others will follow. 

10. You wouldn’t change a thing. 
No matter if THE SCARY THING will work out, you are proud of yourself for giving it your all. You are learning lots, not only about THE SCARY THING but also about yourself and others, and you wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world! 

xoxo Miriam


Monday, 18 September 2017

Boss Women: Janne

Welcome to the fourth edition of Boss Women!
When I started this series 4 weeks ago, I had no idea how it would be received. All I knew was that I was brimming with excitement for this new venture, not only because it was something fresh and new, but also because it's so great to talk about someone else for a change.
As much as I enjoy sharing bits of my life and talking about personal growth and life lessons learnt, it's SO nice to learn more about other people!

I'm blown away by the positive reception to the series. My page Boss Women has over 5,000 hits in 4 short weeks, which is crazy for me. I share all my posts on my Facebook page, and the Boss Women posts consistently get the highest number of pageviews, likes, and comments.
Thank you all so very much for the overwhelming support!
It shows that celebrating each other makes us happy, and that another woman's success doesn't diminish our own. On the contrary, there's nothing more motivating to me than seeing someone else succeed - after all, if they can do it, so can we, right? 💪 

On my quest of finding kickass boss babes I came across Janne. I found her Instagram first, and while I was initially attracted to her beauty, carefree bohemian vibe and beautiful photography, what really captured me were her words.

I would rather pass my days lying in the middle of dirt roads, staring at the full moon with a bottle of summer red in my palms.
I would rather have kids when it suits me, not when society expects or throws shoulds.
I would rather live in a hammock on a beach for six months, and write like my soul means it.
I would rather be horribly broke at times, than married to a job because a mortgage payment has my ass on a hook.
I would rather own moments, than investments.
I would rather eat alone, than sit with women who bore me at “Wives’ Night.”
I would rather swim naked with bioluminescence, have it fall like fireflies from my hair, my breasts, my back.
I would rather do handstands naked in the moonlight when no one’s watching than pick bridesmaid dresses.
I would rather drink seven year old rum from a sandy bottle, smell of smoke and ash than sit in church.
I would rather learn from life than rack up debt, in a desk.
I would rather drink the ocean, again and again—celebrate being madly alive.
I would rather my love be defined by love itself, and nothing more or less.
I don’t need a ring on my finger to prove that I am in love.
I would rather take the chicken bus, than spend useless money in safe gated communities. Sit beside a goat, listen to raggaeton and eat green mango with sugar in a plastic bag sold from the woman who harasses the bus each time it stops.
I do not need a degree to prove that I am intelligent.
I do not need to own a piece of earth with some wood on top of it—to feel successful. No one truly owns the land, anyway—we just think we do.
My savings account has diddly to do with my richness.
I would rather sprawl my single ass out like a lioness each morning and enjoy each corner of my empty bed.
I will take a job I love and freedom over a pension, any day.
I will not work and work and work to live when my body is old and I am tired.
Stocks are for people who get boners from money.
Not everyone should have kids, and my eggs aren’t expiring.
I will not drink the societal Kool-Aid on a bus, nor will I drink it on a train.
Not on a plane, with a goat, in the rain, in the dark, in a tree, with a fox, in a box!
I will not jump through societies’ hoops and red tape, the treasure hunt in the rat race we chase.
If we must have milestones—mine will be measured by how much joy I have collected at the end of each day and how often in this life I have truly, deeply, opened.
Seek, see, love, do.

Janne is a poet, feminist, motivational speaker, author (her book is coming out next month!), surfer, free spirit and wild woman, notoriously stating that she "shares slabs of her heart for a living". 
I'm in awe of her fearlessness, raw power and vulnerability. She proves that you don't have to conform to societal pressures, that you can carve out a rich life according to your own rules, and that women are unstoppable.

In 2014, she published a poem called This Is For The Women Who Don't Give A Fuck, and it went viral, reaching over 1.8 million people. She made a spoken word poetry video (below) and created a line of products featuring her famous poem. 

Whenever I feel timid or scared, I read her words to empower me. 
They always do. 

To learn more about Janne, take a look at her
↠ Website
↠ Instagram

Be brave, my fellow warriors! 

Have an incredible week. 

xo Miriam


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Can we become one of the successful ones?

I used to think that there are two kinds of people in the world: The successful ones, and the rest of us. I was clearly in the second category, because I was way too ordinary to be anybody special. My parents were ordinary, middle-class people, and I knew that I was destined to be the same: Working a job I didn't much like, paying bills, and being vaguely dissatisfied with my life, just like everybody else around me. 
I would look at doctors, journalists, or "business people" with awe. What would it feel like to be so confident and successful? I would never know. I was sure that they were born destined to greatness, and I envied them. Sometimes I wished that I would have been one of the lucky ones, but alas, I wasn't. I was insecure, of mediocre wit and intelligence, and I would always be one of the small, insignificant people. That's how I was made.

Or so I thought.

Over the last few years, I have slowly learnt how absolutely, ridiculously wrong I was. There aren't two different kinds of people - we are all way more alike than I ever knew! 
What makes some people much more successful than others are just a few key techniques - and the good news is, we can learn them. 

1. Know what you want. 
Sounds simple, doesn't it? Obviously, we all want to be rich, skinny and famous - or do we?
This seemingly simple task is actually one of the most difficult questions you will ever ask yourself. Because the astonishing truth is: Many of us don't know ourselves very well.  
The reasons for that are many: It may be that the people in your vicinity are different from you, wanting different things. Just because they are happy with 2. 5 kids, a white picket fence and a 9-5 Monday-Friday, doesn't know you will be, too. It's tempting to copy the people around you in order to fit in, but if you're not true to yourself, you won't be happy. 

Discovering your true self requires a lot of soul searching, hanging out with your own thoughts, and bravery. Yes, bravery; it's not easy when you discover that what makes you happy doesn't fit into other people's expectation of you. In the beginning, you may feel like an outsider, like the odd one out. 

But trust me, that feeling goes away! Not only will you discover more people like yourself on your journey, but you will find that the more you follow your calling, the more confident you get. Besides, you will be busy working towards your success, and busy people don't have time to sit and think about their fears. 

2. Take it one step at a time. 
You don't have to have it all figured out. Repeat after me: You don't have to have it all figured out.
None of the big, successful people has, either. I will never forget when I first started to realize that all of us are scared of something; that even the seemingly confident, unshakeable power players were winging it sometimes, shaking on the inside. I couldn't believe it. My first reaction was outrage: Why had nobody ever told me?? Why did everybody pretend that they were so much stronger and better than they were?
But then it dawned on me: We were all doing it. I hid my depression so well, I didn't even admit to myself that I had it. I acted happy and confident on the outside, even if I didn't feel it on the inside. 

I began to read every book and watched as many biographies as I could about successful people, to find out their secret. How did they get to be successful? How did they do it? And they all, without exception, had one thing in common: They simply started.  
They didn't know exactly how to do it. But they took that first step, and figured it out along the way. 
And while they did, they failed many, many times. 

3. Don't be afraid of failure. 
If you want to instantly feel better about the last time you screwed up, read this article: 29 famous people who failed before they succeeded
Some very big names are in that article: Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton, Lady Gaga. 
The thing is: If you learn something new, if you develop a skill, you will fail. It's a given. It's part of the process.  
Fearing failure is the completely wrong approach. We should embrace it! Failing means trying, and if we fail often enough, we will get better. 

4. Visualize and manifest. 
One of my biggest dreams when I was a young girl was to live in Canada one day. I had no relatives or friends living in Canada, didn't speak the language well, and had no idea how I would ever get there.
All I knew is that I wanted to live there. 
For the past 14 years, I have. 

Another dream was to live amongst cowboys, in nature, in a place where the sun shines daily and where it rains little; a place where we can overlook all our animals from the porch.
I didn't know where that place was, or how we would get there. 
All I knew is that I wanted to find it. 
Last year, we did. 

Visualization is a powerful tool. You may think it's kooky or new-agey, and I get it; that's exactly what I used to think. But the more I learn about it, the more I see that it works.   
A friend of mine wrote a detailed list of everything she wants in her life. She went into specifics: What the house she wants to live in looks like; where it's located; how she earns her money; where her kids will play. She wrote down exactly how she will spend her free time (stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, hiking). She looks at that list every single morning, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will manifest her dream in the future.

The reason why I believe that it works is not only because I have experienced it myself; it's because it makes sense. The more we work on specific goals, the likelier it is that we will achieve them. The combination of hard work, faith, and putting positive energy out into the universe is a powerful one!

5. Practice gratitude. 
Having a grateful heart has little to do with how much you have. If you can't appreciate the good things in your life now, you won't appreciate them when you get what you want. Gratitude is a mindset, not the result of getting everything you desire.
I believe that the more appreciative you are, the more you will be given; people (and the universe) like grateful people.

What do you think? Do you believe in manifesting your dream life, or do you think it's a bunch of nonsense?

xoxo Miriam


Monday, 11 September 2017

Boss women: Liz

Happy Monday! I'm excited to introduce the next inspiring boss lady to you: Liz.
Liz and I have never met in real life, yet I feel that I know her well. We found each other's blogs several years ago, and have been following each other and communicating ever since.
When I came up with the idea of this series, I knew right away that I wanted Liz to be a part of it. She is such a special person: She is a life coach, blogger, podcaster, amazing photographer, counsellor, and an expat. 
Her story is unique and awe-inspiring - I'll let her tell it.  

Q: You are a life coach. What is a life coach? 
A: Oh, I loooove talking about being a life coach. Ok. Here’s my take on it. A life coach, in my opinion, is a fellow pilgrim who acts as a guide. A mentor. One who has experience, specific skills, and a love for the journey of life; but who is also on her own journey as well. It is a professional relationship, but something more akin to seeking out a spiritual guide, guru, yogi, mentor, and/or, well… coach.
Life coaching is about helping others to help themselves. It is a journey of self-discovery. Of discovering who we are + what we want through focused, goal-oriented conversations . It is about coming alive to our own lives.

Life coaching is not therapy or counseling, but rather it is a journey of discovery of seeking + fulfilling. It is present-based + future-oriented, free-spirited + well-organized, beginning with where we are now and uncovering the path that leads us to create, right now, one moment at a time, the life that we envision for ourselves. This is what Joseph Campbell (one of my heroes in life) calls following your bliss.
So, a life coach works to provide tools and support you in finding your own answers. It is about helping you realize + bring forth all of the power that already lies within you. A life coach challenges you to take the necessary steps towards the desired change.  Life coaches listen, guide, and help clients decide on certain, concrete steps to take toward an active change in life. For me, because of my training + experience, that includes spiritual guidance, existential questions as well (Who am I? Why am I here?, etc.). It is a very personal, present and future-oriented way of guiding a client in creating the life that he/she envisions.

The idea is to release, through life coaching sessions, your full potential in order to achieve the goals and the life that you dream of. Our individual goals and interests are at the center of it all, and through coaching, we realize that we have all of the answers already within us. A life coach simply helps us to discover the power within to create the life that we want.

Q:What made you decide to become a life coach? 
A: I have experienced a few life-changing rebirths in my life. In fact, I dare say that the cycle of birth, life, and death, the cycle of constant renewal + transformation, is exactly what life is all about.  It’s that journey that I mentioned above. In fact, it is this mystery and magic and simplicity of continuous cycle of life that is so evidently seen in nature.
For me, this is spirituality. This is why I am here. To constantly plant, grow, sow, and evolve. To continually learn and transform. Ultimately to discover, with each passing day, more and more of my true authentic self. And to live life from that authentic place in my soul, so as to be of benefit to this world.

9 years ago I was studying theology and spirituality. I explored all of the ways (from a Christian perspective) that we “know” god and what it means to live a spiritual life. 
My heart + soul challenged me to find my own path back then. But that process of finding my own path has taken a while. Back then, I felt the call to take all of the religious bullshit that made no sense, and inspire others to see that it’s not about the religion, but about relationships. It’s about living a connected, grounded, authentic life.
It’s often assumed that to be religious or spiritual means that one also is holy, above others, closed-minded, untouchable, perfect. Like a guru or a saint. That religion + spirituality actually have nothing to do with everyday life. And so, it is a big turn-off.
Over time, I formulated my ideas and beliefs on how we can know that life is meant to be lived more deeply, how we are here to do more than exist, and how spirituality is actually a part of everyday life. The creative energies that connect us all (whether you call them god, magic, allah, tao, spirit, or anything else or nothing at all) move in and among us at all times. Empowering + inspiring us, and teaching us to live life from our soul. And when we do that, then we are in creation with each other + the whole world, making a difference, spreading love + light, and living a deeper more meaningful life that is true to who we are.

In the past 10 years, I have found a way of living with the mystery and magic that brings that meaning to my life– by learning to be, love, and live. And that’s where Life Coaching comes in.

My intention has always been to guide and inspire others in finding their own bliss, in discovering who they are, in listening to their own souls, in living a mindful, intentional life filled with spirit and peace. Becoming a life coach is my way of answering my call to minister, guide, teach, and journey with others, as they discover their own souls + create their own lives.
Now, being a life coach does not mean that I have it all figured out, but it does mean that I am much more comfortable than I ever have been before on this crazy journey that we call life.
Becoming a life coach is my way to raise my voice and share my story – in an effort to make a difference in the world. The best way I know to do that is to write and talk about the life that I live – because I believe that, while we each have a story to tell, we are all a part of each others’ stories and the one, great, story of being human. What we seek individually, we all seek collectively: love and hope and peace and equality.
What I seek to offer is a way to discover how others can create a meaningful life filled with simple moments, that allow you to be authentically you, and to follow your own bliss.

Q: Can you tell us in what situation one might need a life coach?
A: At different points in our lives we all need a little outside ear to listen, frame, and help us find the answers that we already have tucked deep inside us. And, there are so many different reasons we may be searching for answers. And so many different moments in life that we find ourselves seeking a little guidance. Here are just a few of the common times in life when it just might be good to ring up your friendly neighborhood life coach (whether it’s me or someone else), to help you start to dig deep + find what you are seeking. Here are 11 good reasons that you just might want to meet with a Life Coach:

 You have experienced a dramatic (good or bad) change in life lately
 You find yourself pondering life questions
 You are dissatisfied with work
 You want to do something you feel passionate about
 You want to improve your quality of life (health, love, work, spirituality, etc.)
 You are questioning who you are, what you believe, and/or your values
 You have peaked in what you set out to do and want to find something else that excites you
 You are entering a new stage of life and want something meaningful to pursue
 You feel you have a purpose or destiny in life and want to discover and fulfill it
 You are simply ready for a change

Q: You and your wife also have a podcast. What is it about? What inspired you to start it?
A: Gaaaah. The podcast! I love having a podcast with my wife, Lina. We started it a year ago and have 27 or 28 episodes out there in the podcast world. We started it because we were invited to be interviewed on a podcast in Asheville, North Carolina (my hometown). And it was so much fun that we thought, “We can do this!”. So, we did!

The Liz + Lina podcast is all about life. Our life. What we do. Where we go. How we think. Who we are. And how we feel about all different kinds of things. It’s about learning and discovering how to live life to the fullest, on our terms. A life full of celebration and adventure, creativity and coziness. It’s even about the things that we struggle with and how we try to slow down and stay connected to ourselves, to each other, and the world. We laugh a lot. Get pretty silly. And hope that somewhere, in all of our conversations, we just might sprinkle a little joy and light and magic out into the world.

Q: You are American, but moved to Sweden several years ago. Why did you move? 
A: In 2010, after nine months of marriage of a mix of living in two separate countries + visiting each other as much as possible, I finally was able to move to Sweden to be with my wife. She’s Swedish and I’m American, and we’re two girls. So, for obvious (sad, but true) reasons, we decided that Sweden would be the place where we made our first home together. We took our little American cat, Zola, packed my bags, and flew across the great wide Atlantic to begin our new life together.

Q: How is life as an expat? What's the best/what's the worst part about it?
A: To say that I am blessed is utterly ridiculous. It is the understatement of the decade. My life is so full, so rich, so amazing. I am unbelievably grateful for this crazy life that I live… and even more grateful for finding the courage within me to finally break free and live the life that I felt called to live. Slow, meaningful, adventurous, inspiring, bi-national.

Yes, expat life is filled with all of those dreamy dreams, but it is also tough (as Miriam knows!). 

It is a dream come true for me. Something I lay on my bed, plotting and imagining as a little girl; and then, later, as a young woman, felt a very real, deep yearning for. To live out that dream is indescribable. To have two countries that I truly call home blesses me day after day, especially when it comes to holidays. My wife and I are celebrating some kind of holiday constantly! 

But, expat life is heartbreaking as well. The hardest thing I know is to be away from my parents and my brother. To not be near my family and friends. Some days I wonder if I am wasting precious time by being so far away. And, yet, I am still as close as ever with them. So, it aches deep in my heart on many days.

Perhaps living an expat life has deepened everything about my way of living, opened me to feeling and exploring and living life to the fullest, embracing each and every moment with intensity and gratitude. And I would not change any of it for anything.

Q: You have been blogging for 6 years. What made you start? What's the best thing about blogging for you?
A: As a new ex-pat, every single day was an adventure. I was living my dream (thirteen years in the making) of living in Europe. I was in love. And life was pretty crazy and amazing. So, I decided to start a blog to celebrate my new life in Sweden and to share what life was like in in this Nordic country with all of my friends & family “back home” in the States.
But, pretty soon, it was much more than that. The name of my blog (belovelive )became my inspiration – an outward expression of what I believed in most; and of the life that I yearned to live.
Somehow, my blog began to grow and I began to gain friends from countries spread all over the globe. Some of these blogging friends have even become real-life friends. In addition to creating relationships through the blog, I have found myself creating almost daily, documenting my thoughts, inspirations, photos, travels, and adventures.
I dreamed up belovelive in 2011, as a way to discover how to turn my thoughts + beliefs in to my actual life. And, what began as an online diary after turning my life upside-down and becoming an expat, has since turned into the inspiration for me to discover how to truly align my life with the way I want to live.

Q: You meditate daily. Any tips for newbies who can't shut up their crazy mind?
A: Yes, I do meditate regularly… and it has changed my life. These days, it is like breathing. It is the foundation of my being, of each and every day. Though, it took years of practice to get me to this point. And it’s all about being patient, and slowly and intentionally creating a routine.

I do think that, whether it is 5 minutes or 2 hours, engaging in some sort of ritual and routine, the more grounded + prepared we are for the day. The more we remember and focus on what truly matters. And the more inspiration we receive that empowers us to make changes + make a difference throughout the rest of the day. I highly recommend exploring what works for you. And adding in time to just be yourself… if only for 5 minutes, as I said.

But, the worst thing about meditation, I think, is that freaking wandering mind. We think we must be perfect yogi, guru meditators. And, even if we don’t believe that, we still feel guilty if we try to meditate, only find ourselves making grocery lists, scratching our noses, listening to dogs bark and cars whiz by, and feeling stressed about feeling so stressed. We feel like a failure if we “wasted” our meditation time with a wandering mind.
So, what to do when your mind wanders and thinks and analyzes and pays attention to every little thing except calming down? Well, I have a tiny, little tip: 

Embrace the thoughts. Actually, meditation is not about emptying our mind. It’s not about fighting against everything that is going on. Meditation is all about acceptance. Accepting and simply being with all that is.
So, try this: Imagine that you are standing at a window watching all of your thoughts go by.
Silly, huh? But, I have done this sometimes. And you know what? It is freeing. I did not reprimand myself for the random thoughts that came to mind as I (tried to) meditated. In my mind I imagined that I was watching myself as I stood at a window, and that my thoughts came by from right to left, like a parade. Each thought was a different float in the parade. And, stupid as it sounds, what that did was free me up to see the thought, acknowledge it, and then let it pass. Usually another thought was right behind it, but sometimes there as a little silent break. A gap. And that gap is that coveted, amazing mediation moment of nothingness.
So, if you are into meditating, then give the parade thing a try. See what happens. And remember this: do not reprimand yourself for having thoughts that interrupt your meditation. Do not get mad at yourself if your mind never settles down. It happens to all of us, and it doesn’t mean that you cannot meditate. But, keep practicing, keep watching your thoughts, as you become someone who lets go and settles the mind more and more with each passing day. That’s my goal. And, it takes time. But, I think I’m getting better.

Q: Do you have a big goal you want to achieve in your life? 
A: You know, I have an interesting relationship with goals. I don’t make them. Strange, huh? I have had them in the past, and I have reached many of them. And, of course, I understand the importance of them. I even use them in my life coaching. But, I do not focus on them. 

See, life happens and changes so much… and what I might set for a goal today, may be completely irrelevant next week, next month or next year. Therefore, I live by setting intentions and casting visions. 

To me, intentions and visions fit right into my desire to live a slow life that unfolds and evolves. My intentions and visions allow me to cast my dreams and ideas and goals out there into the future, while at the same time recognizing the importance of living in the present moment, flowing with the energy, remaining aligned, and adjusting the sails as I journey through my days.

So, my big intention and vision is to inspire. One of the ways I want to do that is through writing and photography and speaking and life coaching. Should I publish a book and travel around speaking about that, I would be unbelievably ecstatic about that. So, I cast that vision out there, and I focus on intentionally on doing all I can right here, right now to stay faithful to my truth and continuing to create the life that I want to live. 

Thank you Liz!

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xo Miriam

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