Saturday 18 July 2020

Creative seasons

Life, just as nature, has different seasons. The insistence of modern life that we should be productive all the time and grow, create and make money 365 days of the year is not in alignment with how our internal rhythm works.
Nature, the greatest teacher there is, knows that nothing can grow every day of the year. After the explosion of new life, colours, and energy in the spring, the maturing during summer, the ripening and bounty of fall, everything goes to sleep in winter to rest and restore. 

Thursday 9 July 2020

Farm and forest get married


Wednesday 1 July 2020

In good company

I have a few things to tell you! I'm quite excited, since this year seems to be destined to be of epic proportions in terms of what the world is up to, and incredibly small when it comes to our personal lives. If you feel like that, rest assured: we all do. But personally, I find it to be a very nice break. 

What's not to like about unashamedly lazing about in your hammock/couch/bed after work and knowing that you are a responsible member of society since you're doing your bit to slow the spread of Covid-19? It's awesome

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