Thursday 31 July 2014

Style: Blogging is my cardio

Guys, I am thrilled: I got my first blogger T-shirt! It is part of the fabulous Whitney's (from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work) T-shirt collection, and you can't get this one any more. Because they are all limited editions, and this one is gone. (Insert evil laugh: muhahahaha.) Which makes it more special, and me really happy to have snagged myself one. It is so perfect, I just had to have it!

A lot of the time, I jump aroundclimb on treesmake headstands, or dance like nobody is watching for this blog. Or I forgo real cardio for the sake of blogging. This shirt was made for me! It just arrived yesterday, so I have yet to wear it out in public, but I can't wait! I'm curious if anybody will comment on it.

T-shirt: IWYP by Whitney Ellen; shorts: American Eagle (old); clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

I hope you are all off to a stellar weekend! My plans include brunch with a friend, and after that farm stuff like spreading the manure pile out over the field. 
Last night we brought the horses over to our neighbour for more grass, and it was a picture to behold: Rich, Stef and I jogging along the busy road, each with one horse in tow, trying to reach the safe haven of the neighbour's driveway before they had a chance to freak out. 
They were troopers, and stayed calm as can be. The joys of farm life!

Enjoy yourselves, and don't forget to hydrate!

xo Miriam

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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Alaska snapshots!

I'm baaack! And I missed you guys! Seriously, I did. I know that some bloggers relish the time away from the net, unplugging and all, and I gave it a fair try - but seriously, it's not that relaxing for me. All day long I was composing possible posts in my head, adding more and more to the pile, until my brain was ready to explode. I did give the old pen and paper a try, but oh my word, am I ever rusty! I couldn't write fast enough for my jumbly thoughts, and pretty soon my hand started to hurt, so I gave up. It was a vacation after all, nobody got time for a sore hand, right? 
So long story short, I am thrilled to be back on my trusty keyboard, Corgi by me feet and the Internet at my fingertips. Ahh, the sweet joy!

There is a ton I want to share. A couple funny stories, some small epiphanies, some thoughts on the whole experience. But currently I am in that strange in-between stage, where I'm physically at home again, but my head and my emotions haven't really caught up yet - do you know what I mean?
So I decided to share a few photos first, and come back with more later. 
But before I get to that, I would like to thank you all so much for you comments and new follows! Best coming-home present ever!! I will start replying tonight! You guys are the bees knees. 

Glacier Bay.
 That blue drink was lethal! Alaskan Iced Tea, not for the faint of heart.
Mountains of BC.
 Dressed up for our formal dinner.
Real fur is a real seller in Alaska.
 Pouring rain in Ketchikan.
I had serious pet withdrawal, and was happy to make a new friend.
 This is how close I got to going into the pool. Aaalmost, but not quite.

Can you see the little seal, hanging out on the piece of ice?
Richard's eagle eyes spied whales, dolphins, and this seal for us.
 "Safety first!"
 One of my favourite parts of the trip: the nightly shows. There were broadway-style music and dance shows, a comedian, a magician, a game show, and Dancing with the Stars. It was so much fun!
 Skagway, the "gateway to the Klondike"
Another highlight: the nightly towel animals created by our stewart Bagus. I loved them!

That's it for now, see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love, Miriam

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Monday 28 July 2014

Horses gone wild

It was a quiet, peaceful summer's evening. The farmer and his wife were sitting by the pond, enjoying the cooler temperature and each other's company. 
The dogs were milling about, the geese were showing off, the rooster was strutting his stuff. Everything was as per usual.

Suddenly, the quiet was interrupted. What was that? It was a thudding sound, coming closer. 
And closer. 
And closer. It also got louder. What the...?

The horses are coming!
This is the face of one startled dog. (No worries, nobody got hurt.)
 Quick rest.

They came, ran, and disappeared again. It was like a small hurricane. Watching horses run is a beautiful experience. They didn't run out of fear, but because they love doing it. It is the ultimate example of freedom and unbridled joy

xoxo Miriam

I'm on vacation right now, so it will take me longer than usual to reply to comments. Thanks for your patience!

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Friday 25 July 2014

The evolution of my fashion posts

Doing fashion posts are amongst my favourite posts for this blog. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger (ha, have you seen me pose?), but like most girls, I enjoy pretty clothes and it is fun to goof around in front of the camera.
Once in a while I get nostalgic and read back on old posts of mine. It may seem strange (or maybe not?), but I like to read my own blog. It's also nice to see how things have changed between then and now - has there been progress? Are the old problems gone? How much has my hair grown?

Looking back at my first attempts at fashion posts was so hilarious to me, that I thought I share them with you here.


Did you notice a difference on those last 4 pictures? The quality of my photos is suddenly better! I treated myself to a new camera (Canon EOS Rebel SL1) during the boxing week sale, and even on automatic setting, the photos turn out so much nicer. I also bought a tripod (finally!), and that makes life a whole lot easier as well. No more propping the camera up on tree stumps and stacks of books!

As you can see, I'm a far cry from your typical fashion blogger. This is mainly due to my inability to pose, apply make-up properly and accessorize in inventive ways.
But somewhere along the way I found a method that works for me: having fun, including animals in the shots and not taking myself seriously. 
If you think you can't pull off the typical fashion photos, simply find a different way! Fashion should be fun, and there are as many different ways to approach it as there are people trying to do it. Break the mould, be unique, be you!

Love, Miriam

I'm on vacation right now, so it will take me longer than usual to reply to comments. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Bon voyage!


Guys, the day has finally arrived - in a few short hours we will embark on our very first cruise!! Seriously, I'm just ecstatic! My initial plan was to leave my laptop at home and unplug for a week - but right now I'm wavering. Honestly, I have slight anxiety at the thought of not being able to write for a week. Someone has a problem...
But either way, I won't be blogging for the next 7 days, so I just wanted to say bye for now. I will miss you!
To not leave you completely hanging, I scheduled 2 posts for the next few days.

Have a kick-ass time whatever you are doing, because I know I will!

See you in the funny papers.

xoxo Miriam  

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Monday 21 July 2014

Welcome to our home!

I have been wanting to do this forever: a little tour of our home. There are several reasons why it has taken me so long: 
1. I suck at indoor photography. 
2. It is usually messy/not clean enough. 
Well, those are actually the only reasons. But they are important ones, no? Luckily, we had a few friends coming over and staying the night, so I cleaned up the house. Knowing that people come for a visit is usually the only best reason to get the pesky housework done, don't you agree? 

There is not much I can do about the lighting in our house, it is not the greatest - we have a lot of trees around the house and overhangs to boot, so it is always slightly dark in there. But the shade and coolness the trees provide is awesome, so I'm more than happy to pay the price of suboptimal lighting. 

Okay, without further ado, here it is: our humble abode!

Our bedroom
Canvases from CanvasPop
Leis as curtain strings | dream catcher from my parents | little souvenir from our wedding day

View from the bedroom

Possibly the world's tiniest bathroom. But it does its job. 


Chickens doing their own special chicken "dance" | Art work from one of our daughters

Kitchen/dining area
If I would ever change something major in our house, it would be the kitchen. I always dreamed of a big, square kitchen, with a large dining table, an island to cook on, and maybe some bar stools on one side of the island. Instead I got this long, skinny, tube-shaped kitchen. For just the two of us it is more than enough, but when we have guests it gets really tight! That's why we only invite people we like. ;-)

Living room
Yes, that's an old record player in the corner. And yes, it works! Once in a while we will put on some records and have a little dance party.
Instagram pictures printed on wood! My crappy phone pic doesn't do them justice. For your own, go to InstaThis


There you have it! We do have a basement, but it is currently just a storage area, we don't really need it. 
I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

xoxo Miriam
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