Thursday 18 June 2020

The power of letting go is yours - if you want it

Today is a VERY big day. Dixie (our rambunctious, sharp-clawed, cat-chasing puppy) has mastered the trick of jumping into my outstretched arms onto my lap, little-kid-style. It hurts (only a little), but what's a little bit of pain in the face of so much all-encompassing, INTENSE love, right? *laughs hysterically while clutching her bleeding arm and wiping the dog saliva off her face*

Today is also the day where Rich is meeting these strange ominous nice (?) German fellas who've invited him to their weekly meeting at a local pub. I'm sure it was just an oversight and not on purpose that they didn't extend their invitation to me as well - mistakes happen, right?
He hasn't come home yet, but he's only an hour overdue, so I'm sure everything is just fine...

Monday 8 June 2020

Simple joys in a heavy world

I want to write something light and cheerful about our animals and spring and about how life is delightful. But I feel guilty. Isn't it wrong? Doesn't that diminish the struggle of the black movement? Shouldn't I be more of an activist and demand change? Shouldn't I stop being frivolous?

Instagram is slowly returning back to "normal", meaning that the accounts that didn't post personal content last week in an effort to amplify black voices are posting their own photos again. Predictably, there are people complaining and giving them a hard time. How can they do that when there is still police brutality going on? When there is still injustice and wrongful deaths and so much more work that needs to be done?

Thursday 4 June 2020

What's my blog's identity?

The generations after us will groan when the year 2020 comes up in their history lesson. There is so much that's happening this year, there will be entire textbooks devoted just to this year alone.
Nobody would have believed that there could be anything surpassing Covid-19 in terms of importance, yet 2020 has done it again: we are in the midst of a revolution. 

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week has sparked an outrage all across the globe that may finally bring about the long overdue changes in systemic racism. As a white woman I know little about it, and just like many of you I'm in the process of listening and learning more about racism, the danger of staying neutral and that it's better to speak up and say something stupid than say nothing at all. In fact, as a person with white privilege I'm bound to make mistakes and be insensitive, no matter how well intentioned. We simply cannot put ourselves into the shoes of someone who is being discriminated against in thousand big and little ways simply because they are not white.

But it's better to make mistakes and learn from them than not wanting to push ourselves at all. We will never become better people by staying in our little comfortable bubbles. That applies to life in general! Growing is painful, but without growth we don't become the best versions of ourselves.  

Some sources I find very helpful are Rachel CargleBritanny Packnett Cunningham, and the Black Lives Matter website. I also check the Occupy Democrats page on Facebook daily, which is focused on reporting on all the atrocities Trump performs daily - needless to say, they are busy! 
But that's all I'm gonna say about this for now, because I'm still in the learning stage. 
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