Sunday 31 March 2013

Busy bees

Today we've been busy at the farm. The gorgeous weather is holding up, so we got a friend of ours to help us digging some trees up that needed to go.

The beast at rest. Peacocks are loving the new hangout.
We also let our Llama mama-son team out today for the first time in four months. Our winter is too wet for little baby so we kept them in the stall.
They seemed a bit confused but were making a run for it!
Let's go son!

Dad is enjoying his own treat: Fresh-cut tree. Yum! Our sneaky ram has his nose in it as well of course.
Pretty daffodils
In full bloom
Have a lovely weekend!
xo Miriam 

Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy Bunny

It's Easter weekend, and the weather couldn't be more gorgeous: clear blue sky, warm sunshine on the skin, birds chirping away. Today I put my winter coat away for the season, feels so good!
Happiness to me is the simple things: dogs SO excited to see us every single day, nature awakening after a dark and wet winter, sunshine, my hubby, time spent with friends, a really good book. A glass of white wine. Fresh coffee in the morning in bed. Funny co-workers. Finding a new passion (this blog? Photography!).

And a campfire! I adore fires in the backyard.

Happiness is fragile and so breakable. Never take it for granted.
So I try to count my blessings, enjoy every day and be grateful for all the good things in life.

But that's enough with the contemplative mood!
I'm gonna have a cup of tea and look at pretty pictures on Pinterest. Another little piece of happiness. :-)

I hope everybody is having an excellent Easter weekend filled with family, friends, and lots of chocolate!

Farm-fresh Easter eggs

 xo Miriam

Sunday 24 March 2013

Weekend reflections

This has been a beautiful March weekend. I was off for three days and did all the things I love: coffee in bed, long walks with my dog, watching our animals hanging out in the sun.
The sheep were getting a bit crazy, jumping up in the air and running up and down the field, just loving life, it's great! Our peacocks are displaying pretty much non-stop right now to any and every bird that comes close; but the chickens remain unimpressed.
Tried out my new roller skates (LOVE the retro look, they are so fun) - haven't roller skated in roughly 15 years, did roller blading instead for a while - apart from stopping (can't do it) and going downhill (the stopping issue) it's not too bad - I didn't fall! I will definitely have to practice a few more times though before attempting the seawall.
I'm really bitten by the photo bug. Even though I know embarrassingly little about photography I enjoy it so much - everything is a possible photo opportunity, I look at things completely different all of a sudden. That cup of coffee? Let's photograph it! These chickens that have been around for years and I never looked twice at? So pretty, let's capture them! Strawberries, figurines, my dogs, food, hats... it all looks so attractive. Thank god for Instagram, MagicHour and Camera Zoom FX (my favourite android photo apps), they help sooo much. I can play around for hours, editing and re-editing pictures, trying different filters, mixing and matching... it's fun. And it's a passion that I hope will stick around!
This blog is a huge motivation, I'm learning a lot every day and intend to keep improving.
xo Miriam

Thursday 21 March 2013

Spring equinox

Yesterday was the first day of spring! I love this time of year when it's getting warmer outside, the days are getting longer, birds are chirping and flowers are blossoming... so pretty.

Our animals are loving it too, basking in the sun and enjoying the warmer temperatures. We have a few babies already, a little goat, a couple of lambs and our Llama boy who's 4 months old.

There are still huge puddles everywhere and our pond is at least three times its normal size, but it's undeniably spring!

xo Miriam

Sunday 17 March 2013

March morning

It has been raining heavily for about a week, way more than usual. And we get more than enough rain here on the West coast as it is! So imagine the joy when I woke up this morning and the sun was shining, yay!

So I went out and took a few pics around the farm. Enjoy!

Blue sky!

My Haflinger Nick
Peacock feather? Plus horsepoop in the background, oops

Puddles everywhere

Essential footwear around here
Guinea fowl

Proud peacock

Saturday 16 March 2013

Pink day

Baby shower time!
Today it was all about pink. Enjoy!


Friday 15 March 2013

First entry

So this is my very first attempt at writing a blog. I'm on facebook, LOVE instagram and pinterest, am a huge fan of Emma and Elsie's blog A beautiful mess (, and decided to give it a go.
Just one more platform to put pictures on, share stories, be inspired to live life to the fullest - gotta do fun things so I have something to write about, right?
Maybe I will give it up again, but maybe I will stick to it, who knows? Right now I know basically absolutely nothing about blogs, but I hope I learn it as I go along.
And hopefully I will also develop a theme over time.
Here's about me in a nutshell:
33 years old, German, immigrated to Canada 10 years ago because I met the love of my life, Richard. We live on a hobby farm on the West coast of Canada. I love taking pictures of our farm and animals and intend to share them here. Love stories, reading them and having them read to me - audiobooks are the best!
My perfect day: Coffee in bed with pinterest, going for a long walk with my Kuvasz Snowy while listening to a story (currently: Cecilia Ahern's The Time of my Life), Sushi lunch with my hubby, big campfire in our back yard with wine, friends and the dogs around us. Maybe a swan or two. Heaven!

That's it for today. Gotta watch Banshee with the hubster.
xo Miriam

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