Thursday 31 May 2018

Best (and worst) of May

May was - full of surprises! Before I get to them, let's take a look at the 1-second-a-day video:
As you can see, there were 2 things dominating that month: the dogs and the Little House (formerly known as the She Shed). That's because:

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Boss Women: Kärt

It's been a hot minute, but today I'm back with our next boss woman!
I'm thrilled to introduce you to Kärt, a holistic wellness coach, business coach and yoga teacher. This kickass boss babe is not only a fellow immigrant who made BC her home, she also runs her own business and loves what she does so much, she actually likes Mondays (say whaaaatttt?!).

Take it away, Kärt!

Saturday 26 May 2018

My top 10 summer reads for 2018

I've been reading up a storm lately. I always read a lot, but now that I have my hammock (which is the best reading spot I've ever had!), I do it more than ever. Is there anything better than swaying gently in a warm breeze, reading a great book and occasionally looking up to watch the hummingbirds feed right in front of you? I don't think so. This is my heaven, 100%.

Here are a few of the books I've read and enjoyed lately:

Thursday 24 May 2018

"You will be SO happy"

We had drinks at the neighbourhood pub, and it was bittersweet, as all goodbyes are. Our usual easy banter was strained, tinged with sadness. I was excited to leave, but I was also heartbroken at the thought of whom I would have to leave behind. One of my best friends; my life-line, my confidante.

But we soldiered on bravely, because that's what we have always done. 
We've made jokes about explosive diarrhoea, managed to make people with multiple fractures laugh, and found the funny in hospital politics that are anything but.
He was my person at work. The one who made it not only bearable, but fun 

Monday 14 May 2018

Melting chocolate never made me so happy

It's so hot, the chocolate bars in my purse have melted. 
It's only mid-May.
You would be forgiven to assume that I must be on vacation in a tropical location somewhere, with palm trees and sandy beaches and fruity drinks with a little umbrella in it at lunchtime - where else would it be so warm that your candy bars melt in your purse, in the shade?
But I'm not on vacation.
I live in a place now where the temps can reach mid-thirties (Celsius) in mid-May, and I don't think it will ever get old.
I dreamed of that growing up.
When I was a kid, the rule we were taught was that you could only walk barefoot during months without a "R" in it: May-August. It was an easy rule to follow, because all the other months were so freaking cold, nobody in their right mind would ever have attempted to walk barefoot anyways - it was an act of courage to do that for most of the permitted months.
But here I am, at 7:30 at night, and it's still 28 degrees Celsius. A warm breeze is blowing, and the air is perfumed with the sweet scent of lilac. The dogs lie all around me, lazy and panting, doing what we all should be doing much more of: enjoying the moment. They're content to be together, to be close to me, and to be in the shade, with the soft breeze cooling them down.
None of us could be any happier.
I never thought I would live in a place where it's so hot that chocolate bars melt in my purse, in May.

Yet here I am. 


Thursday 10 May 2018

Living with Lyme

Life is busy lately. Busier than usual. Busy in a way that makes Rich sicker, because too much activity and stress is bad for him. His short-term memory has declined again (example: during dinner last night he couldn't remember a phone conversation he had that very morning 😖), his constant shoulder pain is back more severely than it has been in months, and his energy levels are very low.
What I've been afraid of, and what Rich optimistically disregard for as long as he could, is that Lyme Disease won't leave us any time soon. 

Monday 7 May 2018

Why I'm going grey

It was an ordinary Wednesday about 8 years ago. At work, after a busy morning, the afternoon lull had set in, and we were all hanging out around the centre island, cracking jokes and enjoying the downtime. My lashes were bugging me that day, one of them stubbornly poking me into my right eye, and I darted into the bathroom for the fifth time, trying to get it sorted out. Since I was wearing eye shadow and mascara I didn't dare rub my eye without looking in a mirror, for fear I might smear my make-up. For what felt like the thousandth time that day, I cursed having put make-up on.
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