Monday, 26 April 2021

Don't settle

On my way home from work today I pass a large pasture with several hundreds head of cattle. I've been watching the herd grow over the last several weeks, even seeing a calf born one morning as I was driving by, so mesmerized I almost ended up in the ditch. 

A cowboy is riding amongst them, herding a stray calf, his dog following close by. Another cowboy is several hundred feet behind them in an easy trot, surveying the herd. 

Sunday, 25 April 2021

40 things every woman over 40 should have

1. A history. You've made a few mistakes, got knocked down a few times, yet here you are, wiser and stronger than before! 

2. A sense of yourself. You are on your way of knowing exactly who you are. 

3. A few grey hairs, wrinkles, scars and bumps. They tell the story of a life well lived. 

4. A bank account in your own name. It's yours and nobody else's. 

5. A plan for retirement. You are paying into a pension plan, because you know that life is long and you won't work forever. Don't rely on someone else to take care of you; make sure you can fend for yourself.

6. A go-to recipe that's a crowd pleaser.

7. An exercise routine you love. Healthy body=healthy mind.

8. A quiet place you can go to when you need to think or hide from the world for a while. 

9. Spare sheets and a spare toothbrush in case unexpected visitors drop in and stay the night. 

10. A drawing from a child - it doesn't need to be your own child

11. Self-respect. Don't let anybody treat you poorly or with disrespect - that includes yourself.

12. Someone you love with all your heart. 

13. Forgiveness for your parents' mistakes. They did the best they could at the time. 

14. The ability to cut your own hair. Giving yourself a trim is easier than you think and will tide you over if you can't (or don't want to) go to the salon.  

15. A hobby you love. Something you do just for fun, not for money.  

16. Something or someone who makes you smile every day. (DOGS.)

17. A dream that's big and wild and that scares you. 

18. Enjoyment of solitude. Love your own company; nobody will spend more time with you than yourself. 

19. An outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

20. A favourite book that you read over and over again. 

21.  A piece of furniture/dishes/glassware/ you love that you bought with your own money. 

22. Your personal style. Fashion is fun, but style is personal and unique.

23. Someone you can call in the middle of the night if you need to talk or cry. 

24. A few heartbreaks. If you haven't had your heart broken at least once or twice, you haven't lived fully. 

25. A former boyfriend you still think fondly of, and one who makes you glad you moved on. 

26. The courage to try things you've never done before. 

27. Fearlessness in interior decorating!

28. An accomplishment that's all yours. Something that has nothing to do with your partner or kids or friends, but that you did all by yourself. 

29. A few juicy stories. You wanna be able to sit in your rocking chair in 30 years and have a few wild, embarrassing, crazy stories to tell. If you don't have any yet, start making them!

30. Tried-and-true tools in your beauty routine. For me they are: a foot file to turn my hooves into soft feet, a daily moisturizing routine, and a relaxed attitude about cellulite, lumps and bumps. They are normal

31. Peace with your body. Stop the war and embrace what you have. 

32.  An outrageous pair of shoes. 

33. A comeback for rude/insensitive comments. Something that puts them in their place without you getting defensive. 

34. People you look up to. 

35. Regular dental and health check-ups.

36. An appreciation for interesting, quirky and unusual things, places and people.

37. A to-do list that never gets checked off completely. 

38. The ability to say NO without explaining yourself. 

39. A handmade gift from someone who's special.

40. Photos preserving your memories. 


Sunday, 11 April 2021

Taming my inner monkey

Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something? That it keeps sending you signs, and all you have to do is listen to them and open up?

That's been happening to me lately. 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

How to keep going when you feel like quitting

Last weekend was ridiculous. A paint project I thought I would be able to complete in an afternoon ended up taking four days, much swearing, some tears, and multiple trips to the paint store where the employees started to look at me with pity and concern. They keep a file on your paint choices if you want, and my file had not one or two, but five colours added to it over the weekend. They must have thought that I lost my mind. To top it all off, at some point there was some literal shit on those doomed walls - a story that will make sense to you in a minute, I promise.  
However, despite feeling like quitting every day, I persevered, and in the end there were two stories of success!

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