Thursday 11 October 2018

The 5 funniest TED talks

I love TED talks. I turn to them whenever I need a dose of inspiration and wisdom. But did you know that some of them are also laugh-out-loud funny? If you are in need of a good laugh, check out the following 5 TED talks: all of them are as informative as they are hilarious.

James Veitch is a British comedian which will become evident as soon as you start watching him. He turned something very annoying - trying to unsubscribe from emails he never subscribed to in the first place - into the funniest game ever

Didn't I tell you he is awesome? That's why I give you another one of his talks, this time showing us what happens when you reply to spam email.  

I love me my Brits, and the next speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, is one of the very best ones. He is talking about an important topic, how we are all born being creative and have it educated out of us over time, and he does it with a beautiful dry sense of humour I adore. 

Tim Urban is all of us: a procrastinator. You will recognize yourself and be thoroughly entertained the entire time!

Maysoon Zayid has cerebral palsy - but that's one of the least interesting facts about her. She's a screenwriter and comedian, and her talk is as important as it is funny. 

There you have it! What are some of your favourite TED talks?

xo Miriam

What are some of your favourite TED talks?

xoxo Miriam



  1. Those all look great! I’ll have to check them out.

    1. Start with the first one, it's only 7.41 min. It's a great one, I've watched it several times and laugh every single time! He has wonderful comedic timing.

  2. Oh my gosh, Miriam. I just listened to the first two and by the end I was laughing so hard I was crying. Thanks for the share.

  3. They are amazing, aren't they. I'm in awe of TED speakers, because they do their talks without note cards or teleprompters, and they are always so informative. These here have the added bonus of being funny, I just love them!


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