Wednesday 27 February 2019

Peeing our pants

Remember when I foolishly proclaimed last week that spring is on its way? Yeah, I may have jumped the gun on that. But it's not my fault, it's the robin's - it lied. Robins are supposed to return when it gets warmer, but it must have been just as impatient as me (I get it, robin) and returned a tad early. Which I can also understand, since there's no place like home, right? Except right now I can think of plenty of places that are better than home, like Mexico, Hawaii, the south of Spain, California, Arizona ... you get the idea.

Sunday 24 February 2019

Meet the Second Chance Hiker

I love people who do big, crazy things, and when my room mate introduced me to the Second Chance Hiker, I was immediately enthralled. 
Meet Cory, a man who recently embarked on the biggest adventure of his life: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to lose 200 pounds. 

Friday 22 February 2019

On being whoever you want to be

I keep buying long, flowy dresses, because I want to be the person who wears long, flowy dresses. I don't exactly have the kind of life that makes wearing dresses practical, with wearing scrubs for work and jeans around the farm, but then again, who said that life has to be practical all the time? I'm over being practical. I've always wanted to turn into an eccentric older lady, and I may as well start now. Wearing clothes for the simple reason to make yourself feel pretty seems decadent, but then again, could there be any better reason? 

Thursday 21 February 2019

It's happening ...

It's happening. 
Two days ago we saw a robin. 
Yesterday I saw patches of dark peeking through the thinning snow cover on our roof. 

Five lambs were born over the last two weeks.
The dogs are shedding.

The patch of sky and trees I see through the window upon waking up in my little room away from home is getting lighter a little bit earlier every day:

We may barely see it yet, but nature is getting ready ...


... for spring!

Trust me, it's happening.

xoxo Miriam


Friday 15 February 2019

What you can do to support a writer

Many years ago when I first started to blog (which was in March of 2013, so my 6th anniversary is coming up soon!), I read a post from another blogger talking about how you can support bloggers. I don't remember who it was, but I do know that it was one of the "big ones", meaning one of those fabled creatures who called themselves "full-time bloggers" and made money with blogging. At the time, this was a huge, unachievable dream to me, and I was in complete awe of these incredible people who managed to turn their hobby into a business.

Several years (and many a soul-searching session) later, I have found my own recipe for success, which for me is working a job I enjoy, blogging for fun, and writing articles and books because I go crazy when I'm not.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Let's all take a break from improving ourselves

I read the most interesting article yesterday: Improving Ourselves to Death by Alexandra Schwartz. The article is from a year ago, but still relevant today, I think even more so. The author is taking a critical look at our current obsession with improving every aspect of our lives: not only the physical (gotta get slimmer, stronger and healthier!) but also the spiritual (align those chakras!) and emotional (hi mindfulness✌) aspects.  

Saturday 9 February 2019

Marriage is not all hearts and smiling couple selfies

Marriage is beautiful, but sometimes it isn't.

Sometimes marriage is getting so irritated at the thing he has done a thousand times and you should be used to it by now but today you just can't handle it, you feel like you're going to explode.
Sometimes marriage is wondering how many people have gotten divorced because their spouse never put the cap back on the toothpaste. 
(Is that the 'irreconcilable difference' celebrity couples talk about when they get divorced? Toothpaste caps?)

Monday 4 February 2019

How I beat the January-blues

I've just spent my first night in the She Shed! I can't believe that I haven't done it sooner, it was so cozy! We're keeping the cats in there during the arctic temperatures we're having right now (it was -21 degrees Celsius last night/-6 F), and since it's being heated with a wood stove I slept there to keep the fire going all night. It was very much like my old teenage fantasies about rugged-Canadian living, I loved it! Apart from the fact that the cats tried to eat my toes several times throughout the night, and the little boy Louis licked my eyelids this morning which is a very strange sensation 😂  
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