Sunday 16 August 2015

Grey: yay or nay?

There are two types of people in the world: The ones that are really good at keeping up with their beauty routine, and the ones that are not. My roots are about a foot long and I just got scolded by my hair dresser for not having had my split ends trimmed in six months - guess which side I'm on.
Last year I once again jumped on the hair-dye wagon. It's always the same: In the beginning I'm determined to stay on track. I swear to myself that this time, I will get my roots touched up every six weeks! I always show up for the first follow-up appointment, high-fiving myself for sticking to a hair dye regime. But as soon as they tell me how much it costs, I'm over it.
The money, time and effort that's required to keep up with dyed hair is just too much for me. I much rather spend my money on clothes or new dogs. (We all have our hobbies.)

So, I am currently growing my colour out. Thanks to the current trends of having multiple colours in your hair I don't actually have roots, but ombre, and can pretend that I'm not lazy, but fashion-forward. Love it!

But it begs the question: What to do about grey hair? I have a few greys that I am very aware of, even though kind people have assured me that they are invisible. People are liars! (Thanks so much for lying to me, despite my knowing exactly where the greys are and how many of them there are on my head - 17 at the moment.)

Like with all pressing questions, I asked the Internet for help, in particular Pinterest.
It did not disappoint.  

Let me introduce you to Annika von Holdt.
Annika von Holdt (source)

She is a writer, blogger, model, photographer, and all around fabulous. She is also proudly grey! Read her grey confession, it's awesome. If you want to see amazing pictures from the Caribbean (where she lives part-time), pretty interior design photos and adorable cats, check out her Instagram.
Annika von Holdt's Instagram

The second gorgeous silver-haired beauty I found online is Sarah Harris, the Fashion features Director of British Vogue.
Sarah Harris (source)

I'm totally crushing on her hair, it's such a pretty shade of silver! There are countless photos to be found of her online, here's another one I like:

These two ladies make me want silver hair right now! Oh, the power of Pinterest.
(Pst: My account is right here.) 

I hope I will be confident enough to rock grey hair when my 17 have multiplied to 17,000, but honestly? I'm not sure yet. Time will tell. 

How about you: Are you dying your hair, or will you once the grey takes over? Or are you confident enough to turn grey gracefully? 



  1. I have decided to embrace the grays. I am over dying it. I am so bad at the upkeep anyway and I do it myself! Ha! My mother-in-law thinks I am crazy. The last time I did color it was last February, two weeks later the gray was back. It's not worth the time or money. Someday it will look like the ladies above. I can't wait!

    1. You are so awesome!!! Love it. With the latest chop I got rid of the last of my dyed hair, it's all natural now. There are some silver streaks in the front, and I really like them.
      You are beautiful, no matter if your hair is blond, silver or grey!

  2. I have some dye i still need to cut off and then i will be completely salt and pepper, i absolutely love it! I have a lot of people that think i am too young for it, well my hair tells me otherwise lol! Silver strands have nothing to do with age ask my 10 year old who has a couple of strands

    1. You are so right!! I know several people in their early 20s who have greys, but all the ladies with that dye their hair. One guy I know is completely grey and he's not even 30 yet, and I think it's awesome that he carries it loud and proud. I admire people who are completely comfortable in their skin, and not hiding your grey hair and wrinkles and feeling beautiful is a major goal for me. Confidence is beautiful! Go on and rock your silver hair Karen!

  3. I stopped dyeing my hair about five years ago and at the same time, to make it easier, I had it all chopped off into a pixie crop. I also raised money for charity doing it which was fun. I must say, I LOVE my many silver strands and I'd be delighted if I woke up one morning with a whole head of grey hair. I do love to see women embracing their true colour - when they do, they look beautiful!
    Suzy xx

    1. I couldn't agree more! I always felt it's such a stupid world we live in where men can go grey and be called "extinguished", but women are being accused of "letting themselves go". Screw that! I will go grey confidently! You are a perfect example of how beautiful aging gracefully is. ❤


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