Let's Pretend This Is Normal

For most of my life I had no idea what I was supposed to do with myself: 
What career should I choose? Where did I want to live? Who was I supposed to be?

On my way to finding myself I worked as a lumberjack in the forest, organist in several churches, ran after a chef who left me for my sister, took a job as a veggie washer, lived in a hotel in Wales for six months, and became involved with a 48-year old father of 4 - at the age of 22. 

Unsurprisingly, most of these attempts didn't work out. 
Surprisingly, one of them did - the unlikeliest one of all. 

Let's Pretend This Is Normal is a love story, yes - but it's also the story of one woman figuring out who she is. 

It's a testament to what can happen when you listen to your heart instead of the opinion of others. 

I thought that all I wanted to be was normal - turns out, normal is overrated.

This book will make you laugh, shake your head, and exclaim out loud "What the hell is she doing?"
I wrote it for everyone who has ever been scared of making the wrong choice, of not fitting in, of not being quite like the rest of them. If you have ever been worried about never finding happiness, this book is for you.


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