Thursday 3 November 2016

The 10-minute challenge

Have you heard of the 10 minute novelists? The idea is as simple as it is effective: Write for 10 minutes every single day. That's it. If you do, and you manage to write 500 words in those 10 minutes, you will have written 3500 words in a week. 14,000 words in a month. 168,000 words in a year. To put it in perspective: A typical length for an adult novel or memoir is roughly 80,000 words.

The genius about the 10 minutes is that it practically takes the excuse away that "I don't have time". Everybody has 10 minutes. You can get up 10 minutes earlier than you usually do. You can fit it in your lunch break. You can pause your show on Netflix for 10 minutes. 

In my life, there are two areas where I have been lacking consistency: Yoga and writing. I love doing both. Love it. But here's the thing: I don't love it every day. Some days I feel weak and unmotivated, and the thought of getting on my mat is the last thing I want to do. So I don't. I don't feel good about it, but I tell myself that "taking a break is healthy", that "there is no sense in doing it for only a few minutes", that "I shouldn't be so hard on myself". And while I do stand by these statements (except the second one, that's nonsense), they have become excuses I use a bit too often. 

Consistency is key. If you want to become good at anything, you have to be consistent. And the trick is to do it on the days when it's hard. 
When you can't find the words, but you force yourself to come up with something anyway. 
When you feel unmotivated. 
When you are tired. 
When you feel lazy.  

I have decided to give these two passions of mine 10 minutes every damn day in November. 
Longer is optional. In the past, I would say that 10 minutes is better than nothing, but still be secretly disappointed in myself for not doing it longer. 
Not any more. 10 minutes is the goal, and I will allow myself to feel proud of that accomplishment every single day!

Now I'm extending the challenge to you: Is there anything you would like to learn/do/get better at? Something you wish you would have the time to do, but you think you don't?
Well, think again. Take 10 minutes a day, and go ahead and do it. 
Go for a walk for 10 minutes. 
Grab your camera and take pictures. 
Lift weights. 
If you want to eat healthier, set yourself the challenge to find a recipe online and make a shopping list in 10 minutes. The cooking part will take longer, but having a plan is half the battle ;-)

You get the idea. 

Are you in? Together we can do this!

Shine on, sweet ones!



  1. Good for you!! I can't wait to hear about the success of this exercise. I'm not sure what I want to do with my 10 minutes.... I should do yoga!

    1. Go for it! There are countless 10-minute flow videos on YouTube: (that one is my favourite)

  2. I love this idea! What would I do though... hmmm... I have been wanting to get focus more on my core, get back to my weights and bike too....
    Some mornings I say I am only doing 5 minutes of yoga because that's all I have time for. It might only consist of that day's challenge pose with a lot of down dog and pigeon. But most times, I end up staying on the mat for longer then I expected to.

    1. That's happened to me too so far. The hardest step is usually the first one! Once I get started, I enjoy it too much to stop.
      Take a look at Tara Stiles' core workout, it's only 5 minutes and tough!

      You could do that and then 5 minutes of weights?

      Good luck, have fun!

  3. This is a great idea! :) I used to do the same - think 10 minutes wasn't enough for something, but it's surprising how much you can achieve then if you give it a go!

    Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. The best part is that the 10 minutes often turn into half an hour or even more. It's all about tricking your brain if you don't feel like doing something haha!


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