Tuesday 11 July 2017

More minis!

We have added to our Miniature Zebu herd! Last week we picked up 3 more, which means that we are now proud owners of 6 zebus - 2 bulls and 4 cows. They are gentle and sweet, and we think they're gorgeous
Let me introduce them (in the above picture): Mama, JoeJoe, Polly, Norman.

From left to right: Norman, JoeJoe (the 2 boys), and Stormy's butt.
JoeJoe is sniffing Stormy, because she smells delicious (she's in season). 
Here you can see how small they are!
Magnificent JoeJoe
Mama and Molly

In my latest newsletter I mentioned that we also have a new dog: Barney, another Great Pyrenees (same breed as Bear). We did not plan to get a new dog, since we already have 5, 3 of which are big, white and fluffy - after all, how many humongous fur balls does one family need?

He had been with his first family for over 2 years, guarding livestock and being part of the family as far as I know. When they sold their sheep, they decided that they didn't need Barney any more, and gave him to another home. Those people wanted to keep him strictly as guard dog for their goats, quite a bit away from the house. He was supposed to live out on the pasture with them year round.

Some dogs like that arrangement, but Barney didn't. He kept digging himself out from under the fence, wanting to be closer to people. So, again he had to move.

When he came to us, we were supposed to be nothing but a temporary place until we found someone who would take him. Well, Barney took one look around, decided that he likes it here, and then proceeded to charm our socks off. I fell hopelessly in love with him, and let myself be adopted by him!
It's working out well so far:  
Barney and Tom Snow
My idea of heaven - surrounded by dogs 😍

Now we have one dog for every cow! Ranch life is fun. 

xoxo Miriam

P.S. I want to take a moment and ask for your help. As you may know, my province of British Columbia has declared a state of emergency due to over 220 forest fires burning throughout the province. Over 14,000 people have been evacuated, and with the hot, dry and windy weather continuing, it's expected to get worse. The Canadian Red Cross is assisting the evacuated people, and it needs our help. 

If you would consider to donate to BC Fires Appeal, it would go a long way in helping all these people who have lost everything. 
To do so, you can either text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10 via your phone, or click on this link.
Thank you!!!


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