Friday 31 May 2019

When you're in your late 30s...

... you have a drawer full of cables that you don't dare throwing out, because you're pretty sure that you still need one or two of them (but you don't know which ones)

... you go to bed by 8pm and don't even feel bad about it

... having matching plates matters to you

... you have a plastic bag full of more plastic bags under your sink 

... you realize one day that you haven't worn your heels in 6 months, because why be uncomfortable when you can be comfortable instead?

... you have embraced leggings as pants

... you get excited about the latest cleaning tools as presents. Roomba for your birthday? Yes, please!

... you have lost your grasp on the latest technology

... you have more than once unironically muttered under your breath "kids these days"

... you are resigned to the fact that you will have to reset every password you don't use on a daily basis

... you appreciate the slow yoga class "with all that breathing" that you used to laugh about 2 years ago

... you get bags under your eyes the size of China if you don't get your 8 hours of sleep

... you not only know what a dust ruffle is - you own several

... you have glassware for special drinks you barely drink anymore because hangovers last days now

... you nap every chance you get

... you barely survive going out two nights in a row

... you quite like Chamomile tea

... you start to think that the doctors all look awfully young these days

... you keep misplacing your keys

... you catch yourself bracing both hands on your lower back to ease the pain

... you look forward to everything you dreaded as a teenager: staying home, not having plans, going to bed early 

... you always bring a sweater in case it gets chilly

... you have a lively conversation with your elderly aunt at Christmas about various health conditions you each have

... you wake up at least once a night to pee

... you look at teenagers and thank your lucky stars that you are not one of them anymore


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