Tuesday 25 June 2019

A birthday to remember

What do you do when you expect 40+ guests to celebrate your husband's 65th birthday and you don't have a fridge or cooler big enough to store drinks in? Two words: booze canoe. 
To get your own booze canoe you fill a canoe with water, throw about 20 blocks of ice in it, and when you release all the beer, wine and soft drinks they will happily bob in the water, staying nice and cold all night long. You heard it here first, folks! 

We threw a party for Rich's 65th birthday last Saturday, and it was one for the books. There was the aforementioned booze canoe. There was a roast pig, the first one I've ever served at a party (it was amazing).  
There was a live band, Joe Lonsdale and Bobby Garcia, two local country musicians who played for hours.
There was sunshine and a tiny bit of rain, dancing and a bonfire, and many jokes and laughter.
All of these things were wonderful. But they weren't what made this party so special. What made it special were the people.
It was Tom coming by a day early to set up his pig-roasting BBQ, and then showing up on Saturday before 9am to start roasting, giving us part of his BBQ for an impromptu bonfire container, staying until after midnight, and returning the next morning to pack it all up.
It was Rocky and Clay giving us the band as a gift, which made the party such a success. 
It was Rocky coming the day before to help us set up, help me organize everything, acting as a MC throughout the party and telling jokes on stage how only he can. 

It was my friends helping me set up the appies.

It was the group of women who didn't ask if I needed help, but simply did help by doing the dishes and putting them away so I wouldn't have to do it all by myself the next day. 

It was everybody who brought appies, or dessert, or chairs. 
It was seeing a dozen trucks and ATVs parked in our driveway. 

It was seeing the cowboys, usually in dirty jeans and torn shirts, wearing their best cowboy boots and hats. 

It was having old and new friends all together, some of them having travelled for many hours to be there. 

This was one of the best parties we've ever had. Thank you all for being there and for making our lives so much better by being in it!

xoxo Miriam



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