Wednesday 9 October 2019

My entourage

I wake up from the tapping on the front door. Teddy, our gigantic puppy, is asking to be let in, with Callie, our Calico cat right behind her. I've started letting them in in the mornings, having coffee in bed with 4 dogs and 1 cat. It's my most precious morning routine.  

After coffee I go outside to do the morning feed. My entourage follows me, the dogs running happily next to me and playing with each other, a few of the cats hopping on the fences along the driveway and nimbly walking along with us. A bunch of chickens follow me as well, less out of loyalty and more because they want to be fed. I throw them some grain and they stay behind, their true motivation revealed.  

I watch Lily bark at the goats and Nina chase the horses, their personal morning rituals. Bear snuggles up close, wanting some undivided attention, which he gets.

Our floors are never clean for longer than a few minutes. My bed has so much dog hair in it that I could knit another dog. Most of my sweaters are at least 30% pet hair. 
But I wouldn't trade them for the world. They love me completely, without reservations. They make me feel like a cool girl with her own posse. They make me laugh, they put their paws on my chest on a bad day, they lick my tears and share my joy. Nothing is purer than the love of animals, and I'm grateful for them every day. 

Thanks for teaching me how to love every single day. Love you guys. 



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