Wednesday 8 April 2020

April is a doozy

Last night I was woken up by a weird noise. It sounded like banging, and when I opened my eyes I could see a strange flashing coming from the living room. "What is he doing now," I mumbled to myself, referring to my husband who had fallen asleep on the couch in front of the TV and had apparently lost his mind. "Is he pounding meat?" I wondered in my sleep-addled state, but was too tired to investigate. I was about to turn over and go back to sleep when Richard yelled: "The computer cable is shooting sparks!"

That woke me up in a hurry. I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room where it smelled strongly of burnt plastic. Rich had pulled the cable out of the socket and stood there, dumbfounded, when another ominous crackling and popping started. "The telephone cable is doing it too!" he shouted, jumping forward and pulling that out as well.

I stood there rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do, when we heard a third crackling: this time it was coming from another outlet where the charger for our handheld vacuum cleaner was plugged in. A fear so strong that I saw stars in front of my eyes came over me. I heard a buzzing in my ears and thought I might pass out or throw up, so I stumbled into the bathroom to kneel in front of the toilet.
In the meantime Rich unplugged all appliances in the living room and opened the porch door to let the burnt smell out.

I didn't throw up. But I was so afraid I wanted to cry. "What are we gonna do?" I pleaded with Rich, who looked spooked as well.
"Shit, that was scary," he said, wiping the sweat of his brow. We stood there for a few minutes, listening to any more ominous sounds, but all was quiet now. I got the fire extinguisher out anyways, put my clothes into a pile on the chair just in case, and then let my husband send me back to bed.

"You go back to bed," he said gently, giving me a kiss. "I sit guard here."

Incredibly, I did manage to fall back asleep, and there were no more incidences. We are talking to an electrician today and as soon as I have finished writing this I will go into town for more fire extinguishers (the one we have looks so old, I'm dubious if it even works) and baking soda - according to Google, baking soda can be used to extinguish electrical fires.
This is how all of April has been. It is hands down the worst month I've had in a while, and that's saying something after the shit show that was March and the never-ending monotony of January. I think February wasn't too bad, right? I can barely remember; it seems like a lifetime ago.

One of our dogs is sick. I'm having problems at work. My depression and anxiety are through the roof, and I just discovered skin tags on my neck. Netflix cancelled one of my favourite shows Call the Midwife (how could you, Netflix? it was medicinal!), and Grey's Anatomy sucks. To be honest I'm glad when it will be over this week; I kinda hate this season.
What else? One of my co-workers has been diagnosed with cancer (she is only 25 😢); another one had to cancel her trip-of-a-lifetime Pacific Crest Trail hike; yet another one hasn't seen her out-of-country boyfriend in months and has no idea when they will be able to see each other next.
And of course, there is the small issue with a certain virus I'm just as sick of as you are, and an overall feeling of hopelessness. *big sigh*

What a time to be alive, right?
And yet, we have to persevere. As is my nature I'm looking for positives, and once you start, it's surprisingly easy to find good things in all the mess we're living in right now.

Here's my incomplete list of things I'm grateful for right now:

  1. Our house didn't burn down. 
  2. The weather is finally warming up. 
  3. Memes. This website is giving me life right now, especially their memes about the quarantine. A few goodies are this quarantine challenge (in which I'm planning to participate), being married during a quarantinethese hilarious memes, and this one: 
  4. I painted my bedroom white over the weekend, and I love it so much! Photos to come soon. 
  5. We are both healthy. 
  6. Our families are healthy. 
  7. My husband. 
  8. My husband telling me that I'm beautiful. 
  9. My sister making me laugh on the phone. 
  10. Messages from friends. 
  11. Books: I've read 16 books this year already, and in case you're looking for some amazing reads here are my top 5 so far: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah; The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah; Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah; The Huntress by Kate Quinn; My Name is Eva by Suzanne Goldring 
  12. Audiobooks: out of the 9 audio books I've listened to this year, these 5 are my favourites: Harry Potter, always; The Alice Network by Kate Quinn; The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes; The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood; The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer
  13. Nature walks. 
  14. We got our dryer fixed.
  15. Dogs. 
  16. Cats. 
  17. Lambs.
  18. Coffee. 
  19. Wine.
  20. I paid my credit card debt off!
  21. We are all in this together.
We will get through this, we will get through this, we will get through this. 



  1. Great that you both noticed and saved the day/ night/ house. Check for quirrels/ martens etc some love chewing on wiring. Your electrical will find ound. And yes, just like everything else, this will pass :-)) I feel so sorry for your very young friend who was diagnosed, I hope she'll be healthy again!

    1. So do I! It's heartbreaking to see someone so young battling cancer. I just hate it. She's in good spirits, so we should be, too!

      Turns out the computer cable was heavily chewed on by a certain puppy (Dixie the Blue Heeler, bad girl!). I've bought power bars for all of our outlets, so if anything like this happens again it will trip the switch and hopefully prevent any further power sparks.

    2. So instead of checking for martens/ squirrels, I should have known to say "check for heelers" because my part heeler Rosie hit puberty and chews everything right now. She just ate her dogbed ;-(

    3. It's a challenging phase, but fortunately they grow out of it. Hang in there!

  2. We can do this! We will get through. IT'S ONLY APRIL 14TH HOW IS IT ONLY APRIL 14TH.

    1. Time has lost all meaning. It feels like it's April the 37th of 2045


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