Sunday 24 May 2020

Midnight in Canada

I stepped outside and the mild night air hugged me like a long-lost friend. The balmy breeze was rustling the trees and gently caressing my face. The air was filled with fragrance: lilac, honeysuckle, viburnum. I stood still for a moment, closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I had a sudden flashback to our last Mexico vacation in 2018 - it smelled and felt just like it had in that magical place. 

Then I opened my eyes and set off on the short walk towards the twinkling, inviting lights of the hospital I was called to.
In that moment I was overcome with an intense, overwhelming feeling of contentment and happiness. 
If I could bottle just one memory or emotion, it would be this one golden, shining moment. A moment of utter perfection. It was a moment that made you believe in magic, miracles, and goodness. 

I stood there, marveling how I, a naive girl who grew up in a small town in Germany, had ended up here: walking towards a job I adored, at midnight, in a place that felt like the tropics in the midst of my beloved Canada. Tomorrow I would drive back to our little ranch on the winding road along the river that is shared with marmots, mountain sheep and wild horses, bald eagles soaring high above. 
I would hug and kiss my husband and my pack of dogs. 

I was exactly where I was meant to be. And this was so unlikely, so crazy, that suddenly I knew: magic is real. How else could this have happened?

Both images from Pixabay



  1. Finding the right place for you - even if it's not what you imagined or dreamed - is so essential. My "right place" also surprised me, but I'm trying to roll with it (although, I confess, yours sounds ridiculously appealing...).

    1. It's amazing what happens when we open up our hearts and minds. Life is full of surprises!


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