Thursday 19 November 2020

Eww, David


I had no idea. I tried watching it once many months ago, and gave up halfway through the first episode, shaking my head at all the hype and thinking that people were just weird (a thought I have frequently). 

But then, after reading over and over again, from people whose opinion I value, that this show is special and amazing, I gave it another try. And boy, am I ever glad I did! (Second chances are important!)

I gobbled this show up. I love its humanity, the vulnerability, the hopefulness, the casualness of how they addressed David being bi like it's no big deal. One casual conversation over wine, and that's it! LOVED IT. 

There have been countless lists of reasons to love Schitt's Creek, or lessons learnt from the show, or simply accolades of what makes this show so very unique and special. All highly deserved and worth reading. And you know what? I can't help but add my own. There were a few aspects about the show I loved so much, I have the urge to share them. 

1. Stay true to yourself. 
The clothes are magnificent. Alexis and Johnny are dressed beautifully (if not in sync with their surroundings), Moira's outfits are totally wacko and beyond anything we've ever seen (her wigs alone are the stuff of legends!), and David has a very distinctive style that sticks out in his new town like a sore thumb. 
However, even after they try to make the best of it and participate in town activities, they never change their styles. They continue to wear what makes them feel most like themselves, and whether they are ridiculed or admired for it, they don't care; they just keep being themselves. 

2. The show is made up of Canadian actors. 
Canada is sorely under-represented when it comes to television and movies, and it makes me so proud that such an intelligent, clever and kind show is Made in Canada!

3. The kindness. 
Remember David babysitting his boss Wendy's stepdaughter even though he hates kids? And how kind he was to her when she got her period on his *very* expensive sheets?

Or how David is the perfect wing man to Stevie when she wants to play it cool with her sort-of-boyfriend Emir?
The whole Stevie/David-relationship is a lesson in itself. If two socially-awkward, shy, burnt-one-too-many-times weirdos can open up to someone else and develop a true friendship, why shouldn't I be able to? Why shouldn't you?
(Dan Levy, the man behind David Rose, is just as kind as his alter ego.)

Then there is David's relationship with Patrick: Patrick, who's only ever been in relationships with women before, and who is fully accepted not only by David and his family, but also by his own parents, whose most pressing concern is that they may somehow not have been supportive enough to their son. How wholesome is that?? 

Alexis positively turns into a different (much more mature) person in her second go-around with Ted (after 2 ill-fated proposals and a subsequent break).

The town is almost shockingly accepting of the Roses' very apparent prejudice against them in the beginning; but Roland makes up for it by not missing a chance to make fun of them, while still supporting them wholeheartedly. 
That becomes more apparent than ever during that memorable dinner in Elmdale for Moira and Johnny's anniversary, where they run into their old so-called "friends", and Roland and Jocelyn. Roland and Jocelyn could very easily have turned on the Roses, but didn't. Neither did Johnny turn his back on them. It's one of my favourite moments of the show. 

Then there is Jocelyn. Doesn't she deserve a halo? She is incredibly patient, understanding, and kind.
Oh, and what about Twyla? The sweetest person who has ever lived.
Above anything, this show brims with kindness. 

4. The humanity. 
The show reminds us that life can change in an instant. Nothing is guaranteed. Rich people can become poor overnight, poor people rich. We can find love, or lose it. Our circumstances, no matter how carefully planned or meticulously protected, are fragile.
It's something all of us are scared of. No matter how hard we try to be in control, in the end, we are at the whim of other people, of the economy, of circumstances beyond our control. 
Everything can change at any moment.
That's where Schitt's Creek comes in.
Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis hate where they are in the beginning. They can't believe that *they* ended up in a shitty place like that. (The name of the show is ingenious, isn't it?)
They couldn't be more out of place. 
Seeing them fight it, then starting to give in a bit, then some of them starting to embrace it, while others (Moira) are never losing hope - all their reactions are so relatable and so healing to watch. 

David and Alexis starting to flourish at their first real contact with the real world is, obviously, very satisfying to watch; so is seeing Johnny, at first slowly, then wholeheartedly, embracing the challenge of  getting a run-down business back up and growing; but maybe the most inspiring story-line to follow is Moira's. Moira, who fits in the least, with her outlandish clothes, wigs, accent, and love for everything eccentric, has the hardest time getting used to her new surroundings. If you've ever moved to a small town where you don't know anyone, you can probably relate; but you probably chose it. 
Moira, on the other hand, is literally in the last place on earth she wants to be. Yet, after some stints in her closet, she decides to make the most of it. She joins the Jazzagals, runs for town council, and once selected, she fully commits. However, she never gives up hope that her luck will change; which in the end, happens. I admire her unwavering hope and optimism, while still trying to make the most of her current life. That's the secret to living your best life right there.  

And let's not forget about a flawed, complicated family coming together for the first time in their lives. That's another beautiful story line. 

5. The sibling rivalry.
My sister and I fought just like them. Many fond memories surfaced while watching the show. 

6. The happy ending.
Who doesn't love a happy ending? Especially during these difficult times. I loved everything about it: that Moira got another start at a glamorous life as an actress. Johnny running another blossoming business again while being the supportive, amazing husband he's always been. Alexis truly standing on her own feet for the first time in her life, venturing out on her own. And David, cynic, disdainful David, finding true love and friendship in the most unlikely place, and deciding to be courageous enough to choose love over image.

The show deserves every last bit of hype and accolades, and then some. I'm so happy I discovered its magic.

(Thanks for keeping me humble, David.)



  1. Me too, Miriam. I didn't get it all the first attempt, and now we are binge watching! Truly a diamond hidden that takes time to find and appreciate.

    1. Well put Elaine, that's exactly how it is. Such a gem!

  2. I totally read the title of your blog in Alexis' voice in my head!

    1. That was my intention! She has a very unique way of saying it, it's burnt into my memory forever lol

  3. I was hooked on this show from the get go! Loved it. So heartfelt and so funny. I love something about each character. It's hard to pick a fav but I'd say David. His expressions are priceless!

    1. And his character development is incredible! That he ended up staying in Schitt's Creek, in a white picket-fence life - who would have thought?! Yet it's still believable, since he's truly happy for the first time in his life. I absolutely adored his story arc!


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