Monday 11 October 2021

Giving thanks

It's Thanksgiving in Canada today, and as I'm sitting here on my desk, I see fresh snow on the top of the surrounding mountains, and foggy, wet fall magic everywhere. 

It's a good day to say thanks. After the traumatic summer with the constant danger of the wildfires that kept coming closer, it's wonderful to see the first snow and low-hanging clouds, feel the moisture in the air, and to be greeted by the nip of frost. 

I'm grateful for the puppy draping herself all over me like I'm one of her brothers or sisters. 

I'm grateful for wriggling corgi bums.

I'm beyond grateful that our home is still standing and that the danger has passed. Rich and I tell each other several times a week how lucky we are to have found this beautiful place of the world, and after it being endangered this summer, we appreciate it more than ever.  
Thank you to everyone who fought the fires! We love you!

I'm grateful for so many people in my life: my husband, daughters, grandson, sister, nieces, parents, old and new friends, co-workers, that lady who went out of her way trying to contact me about my cancelled lab appointment (3 phone messages and one email - Dorian, you went above and beyond, thank you!), every patient who has expressed their appreciation to us, and the disbelieving face of the ER doc when he heard that I have a grandson. Made my day, doc.

I'm forever grateful for my pack of dogs, who make me happy every single day. Plus the three (!!) litters of puppies we raised this year, 21 pups in total! Such a wild ride. 

I'm humbled (and ANNOYED) by my husband's 12-year old flip phone, where you still have to press the number keys several times to get to the letter you need when you want to send a text, which takes a felt 100 hours each time. So grateful that technology moved on from that. Giving up hope that Rich ever will - he's unnaturally attached to his "Scotty, beam me up!"-phone. 

I'm grateful for my job and the people I work with. (Well, most of them.) I'm proud of our profession and everyone in healthcare, especially now. 

And I'm so grateful to live in Canada. I love my adopted country with all my heart. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!


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