Thursday 12 February 2015

Style: Love is in the air

In honour of tomorrow's Valentine's day I re-enacted a cheesy little love play. Somebody had to do it. 
Honestly though, I am not a huge fan of this holiday and boycott it every year. No overpriced flowers for this girl! 
To me it's a day that causes more disappointment and fights than any other, which completely defies its purpose. Too much pressure, too forced, and who made up the rules anyway? I like to show my love whenever it suits me, any day of the year.  

Because I do love love (a LOT)! Heart eyes forever.
"I hear love is in the air! I'm so excited!"
"Oh, hi there! How you doin'?"
"Hey! Where did he go?"
"Oh, he left flowers. So romantic!"
"They are beautiful."
"Will you be my Valentine?"

Top: Winners (super-cute Valentines-top here); skirt: Target (similar - and it's 20% off!); tights: Target; shoes: Old Navy (very old - similar)

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  1. Pretty pictures! :) That skirt is way too cute! I love the feel/colors of this whole outfit.

    The only thing I like about Valentine's day is the hearts and pink/red color theme. Oh, and the excuse to bake tons of chocolate treats!

  2. This is such a fun & cute look Miriam. Dying over the skirt and shoes. I bought red tights yesterday and thought of you cause you love bright-colored tights!

    Happy Valentine's Girl!

  3. Hi Miriam,
    I love this adorable look. Pretty skirt, and the shoes and red tights are so pretty too!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  4. You look adorable! We are staying in this weekend too. I let Dan off the hook for V-Day. After all, we did just celebrate an anniversary 2 weeks ago!
    We plan on staying in and cooking dinner together, wine, singing along to our favorite songs... easy. No crowds, no jacked up menu prices...

  5. Absolutely love that skirt Miriam!

  6. Thanks Linds! It's sort of a funny material, very rubbery, so it's quite stiff. Not uncomfortable though, but fun to play around with! A Target goodie. So sad that Target will leave Canada soon!

  7. beautiful skirt and fun photos, Thanks for linking up and hope to see you this week

  8. Thanks Linda, I hope I'll make it again! Love your link-up ❤

  9. Such a cute outfit! I love the top!
    Jade x

  10. Winners is my secret weapon, I have found amazing pieces there. The top is one of them!


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