Tuesday 10 February 2015

Sweetheart award + Let's grow together {Link-up #6}

Perfectly timed for Valentine's week, my blog friend Samantha awarded me the Liebster award. 'Liebster' is German and means sweetheart! For you non-bloggers out there, those awards (there are lots of different ones) are floating around blogland to either introduce newer bloggers, or to simply show appreciation, and in my opinion, to make your fellow bloggers feel good. I really like them, and always feel honored when I get one. Sam asked me 11 questions, and they are good ones! 

Questions from Samsam Cherie:

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
There have been tons, because I have the unfortunate habit of talking about people who happen to stand right behind me. Oops!
One that particularly stands out though is a bit different:
I was 15, and had started dating my first serious boyfriend a few months previously. I was invited to his sister's wedding, which was the first time where I would 'officially' meet his family . To say I was nervous would be the biggest understatement of the century.
Introductions were made, I was shy and awkward, but the wedding was proceeding quite smoothly.
We had just arrived at the reception venue, when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. After I was finished, I walked back towards my boyfriend across the still empty dance floor, with most of the guests gathered around it and watching me idly, drinks in hand. I had maybe gone half-way when my boyfriend rushed towards me, started tugging frantically at my back and whispered urgently into my ear: "Your skirt! It's tucked into your pantyhose!"
O.M.G. I had accidentally tucked the hem of my skirt into my pantyhose, and paraded my unfashionable underwear in front of all his relatives. The shame!!! It was horrific.

2. Do you have any experiences that were utterly life-changing? What happened?
My life-altering experience happened when I met my husband. Just to warn you: It's 8,257 words long! :-)

3. What did you study/major in when you were in school?
Well, I do have a bit of a history. In order to not bore you, I give you the short version:
  • Studied forestry, dropped out.
  • Took a hospitality class, finished, worked at the Celtic Manor Resort for 6 months, had enough. (See link above.)
  • Studied Medical Radiography, finished (!!), have been working in x-ray ever since (which is 5 years now), like it! 
4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing it right now?

answered this very question in a post last October as part of Blogtober. In short: Nope, I'm not doing any of them. And boy oh boy, am I glad. Be careful what you wish for never rang truer!

5. What is one bit of advice that you would give your younger self if you could go back in time?
Be kind to yourself. Your self-worth does not depend on your size or weight. I was deeply unhappy about my physical appearance for so many years, and I wish I would't have been. But I was insecure, and clueless, and tried desperately to be like the girls I saw in magazines and on TV.
The second piece of advice: Don't think for a second that anyone else has their shit together. They are all struggling, just like you are.

6. Tea or coffee? Why?
Coffee in the morning, always! It's what gets me out of bed and makes me excited for the day. Mmmmh, love it!! Later in the day it's herbal tea, because I'm an old lady and can't sleep when I have caffeine too late in the day. ;-)

7. If you could change your first name to anything you wanted, what would it be?
Truth be told, I never liked my first name. In my native tongue the 'r' is rolled and makes the entire name sound pretty harsh. My two middle names (yup, I have two) are Valerie and Sophia, and I always liked Sophia. So that would be my choice! But I figure it's too late now, so Miriam it is.

8. Have you ever spent a few days binge-reading a blog? Whose was it? Why?
Absolutely! A Beautiful Mess was the very first blog I encountered, and it was the reason why I started my own blog. Which is funny because their blog is all about DIY, and I'm totally not. But I was (and still am) fascinated by their creativity and positivity, and have read every single post dating all the way back to 2007. #fangirl

9. Who is your biggest role model? Why?
I have thought about this question for a long time, but I actually don't have just one role model. I have lots of people I look up to:
All the strong women who run their own businesses, especially as writers/bloggers.
My husband for his laid-back and generous attitude towards life's obstacles.
My friend for being so successful on her amazing, life-transforming weight-loss journey.
My dogs (and Lily in particular) for loving life so much and teaching me to enjoy every single moment.

10. If you could spend a day with anyone from Friends, who would it be and why?`
I don't have to think about that one at all: Chandler Bing. For these reasons. He is hilarious! I can't get enough of him, and he is the main reason why I will never quit watching Friends.

11. What is the very first thing you do every morning?
Upon opening me eyes, I check what adorable position Lily is sleeping in (Exhibit A). Immediately after I check my phone for a) Instagram updates b) emails c) bloglovin'.
I have a problem.
Exhibit A. She's sleeping in the bed, obviously.
Sam, your questions are awesome. I can't top them, so I will ask the following ladies the same ones:
AmyBailieTabithaLindsay, Sarah-LouiseJenny
(Please answer the same questions I did. Because they are great. questions.)

There are some rules (most of which I have blatantly ignored, but I state them for the record):
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees (or, you know, re-use the same ones if you are lazy uninspired)
5. Notify your nominees!

And now, let's get this party started!! Cocktails optional, but highly recommended.

Farm Girl


  1. I have always loved reading fun facts and these kinds of posts from other bloggers. I have gotten the Liebster Award many times and it has always been such a pleasure. Like you, I am also for coffee in the morning (especially since I never sleep well, with Vivian waking up a few times at night) and later on some herbal or bio tea. I love tea. I have always loved the name Sophia but my husband doesn't like it as much. I also love Vivian so I am glad we named my daughter that. =)

    And I read A Beautiful Mess every now and then. So glad to read this from you today. What a refreshing post. And of course, pleasure linking up as usual. =)

  2. HA! I have to show H this as he convinced that I am the only person who automatically checks my social media when I wake up - I keep assuring him that I am not the only one and now this proves it! Love fidnign out snippets of information about you x

  3. What made you think of being a garbage collector?!?! I also said meeting my husband for life changing moment! Thanks for the nomination!

  4. Miriam this is fantastic! Thanks so much for answering my questions! I was laughing out loud at your skirt being tucked into your pantyhose...because I have SO been there! Walking across the street on campus and I got honked at...my skirt was tucked up under my backpack (whoops!).
    I would also spend the day with Chandler if I could...that man is such a charmer and I think it would just be a blast :) I would say Monica...but she's a little controlling haha.
    Finally, I definitely think that's a great lesson to try and teach your younger self - I'm no stranger to the struggle of being ok with my size/weight and then it's all too easy to get distracted by features you don't like about yourself, things that "could be better", etc. Being kind to yourself is so SO important and as easy as it sounds it can be really difficult sometimes!
    Thanks again for posting!!!
    ~ Samantha

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination! You are so kind.

    #6 and #10 are the same for me for sure. Although, sometimes I like to play with fire on #6 and have a little afternoon coffee. Burned every time but I try to convince myself it was worth it. haha I feel for you and your barred behind. That must have been mortifying for sure.

  6. Ah, I love this!! Your childhood dream jobs…oh man! I had a phase where I wanted to be a shoplifter, because I thought it meant picking up the store and moving it to a new location (why I thought I could lift buildings, I'll never know!) And Lily sleeping is just adorable :-)

  7. I like reading "About me" posts. You learn things that they might not normally share. The skirt thing happened to a classmate's date at our Sr Prom. She did not go to our school either so same as you - super awkward! I noticed and had to tell her. After that, I tripped check my skirt every time I wear one. LOL

  8. You totally deserve the "sweetheart" award nomination!! Also, Chandler Bing is hands down, my favorite 'Friend' too!!


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