Wednesday 28 December 2016

Adventures with AirBnB, continued

After my last experience with an AirBnB, I'm curious and a bit apprehensive about the next one. How many pages of rules will await me this time? As I pull up in front of the house, I'm greeted by Santa. Literally! Out of a second-floor window, a life-like projection of Santa fills the window, waving at passersby and beckoning them closer. Alright dear Nick, your wish is my command. The house is decked out in all kinds of Christmas lights, an inflated Bear with a Santa hat, and a sign on the door that says: "Dear Santa, leave presents, take the dogs". A woman with a sense of humour! I like it already. 

The entrance to "my" home is around the corner. I type in the code in the now-familiar keypad, and slowly push open the door. As soon as I lay eyes on the pretty room, I gasp in pleasant surprise - it's lovely! I'm looking at an eclectic living room, with colourful paintings, comfortable looking furniture, and personal touches everywhere. There are teddy bears, dolls (but not so many that it starts to be creepy), Christmas decor, and several lamps that cast a soft, golden glow. I take off my shoes, and explore the rest of the suite: A four-poster bed piled high with pillows (it's the most comfortable bed ever, I discover later), and a small but nice bathroom. 
Returning back to the living room, I discover another surprise: My hostess has left me a Christmas present! 

Home-baked cookies, a bottle of wine and a card. I'm so touched, I spontaneously send my kind hostess a message:

The place looks wonderful! I'm thrilled. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, and the cookies, card and wine. I'm heading out for dinner again in half an hour, just wanted to let you know how happy I am about my beautiful home for the next 5 days 😊

A few minutes later, she knocks on the door to greet me personally. I let her in, and we chat briefly - she even invites me for Christmas dinner in case I have nowhere to go! I already have an invitation (actually two - people are so kind around the holidays), but thank her profusely.

I absolutely love my stay. It's a quiet neighbourhood, and I adore coming home to my cozy nest after work and socializing with friends. I feel like a single girl, living on my own in my cute little place, and the novelty of it makes it fun. As opposed to my last stay, where I felt like a child with a omnipresent mother, this time I'm free and independent.

This morning I checked out, and I'm currently working the last shift in my old job. In less than five hours I am freeeeee!!

As much fun as the last five days have been, I can't wait to return to my husband and my new life. Playing to be a single girl is fun for a few days, but I wouldn't trade being married to my guy for anything in the world. He's a good one.



  1. I'm glad this one was so much better. That last lady just sounded not very fun.

    And I'm also glad you had somewhere to go for Christmas.

    1. I hope you had a nice Christmas as well?
      That AirBnB was so amazing, we will go back to it when we're in town next time. The lady was a real gem, I loved her!


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