Thursday 22 December 2016

A house tour!

At long last, I managed to snap a few photos of our new home! It's really all thanks to my MIL, who has been bugging us daily for the last week to send her some photos. Finally, this morning, I promised her that I would get on it right away - and then I did. It's a Christmas miracle!

The reason why I procrastinated is the tidying. I'm a fairly tidy person, but my husband isn't (at all!), so there's always some work to do before taking pictures. Actually, his messiness was one of our main arguments in the early stages of our marriage, but over the years I have learnt to live with it. 
Nobody is perfect 😉

Okay, without further ado, welcome to our home!

We have a long driveway, and that's the first view of our house when you drive down:

That's it from the other side:
(As you can see, I took this photo a few weeks ago before the snow.)

Our entrance:

The first glimpse of the kitchen:

I loooooove the kitchen. It's seriously the best. The floor is heated, which is something I never had before, but don't ever want to live without ever again. The layout is great, and there's tons of surface space for chopping, prepping, and cooking. The bar is still without bar stools, because we haven't found any we both like yet. Any recommendations? Richard wants stools that are comfy and have backrests. I don't know what I want, I'm hoping I will know it when I see it. Help!?

My pride and joy, the gallery wall:

This wall is a bitch to photograph, I can't get it looking as nice in a photo as it does for real. You will have to trust me that it looks quite imposing in real life. It's huge, and has tons of photos with a lot of meaning for both of us on it. Family, the kids, our old farm, Richard's hunting adventures with his best friend, the willow tree, the two most favourite pictures of the two of us together. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Plus, it's a great conversation starter - everybody who has come into our home so far has commented on it!

Dining area:

The chairschair cushions and table are all from IKEA, and the rug is from Rugs USA. We love them all! The sideboard and cupboard moved with us, and were from a local store that doesn't have them any more. Sorry! We had them in our guest bedroom before, and it took me several days before I realized how well they fit into our dining room. I needed the extra storage space, and love how they look in here!

These windows will become Instagram-famous, I'm planning on taking lots of yoga photos in front of them :

Our living room:


Yes, we have my computer in our bedroom. I know that many sleep- or feng shui-experts say that you shouldn't have any electronics in your bedroom. Our new home only has two bedrooms, and after careful consideration, we both decided that we'd rather have a guestroom than a designated office in our home. Having the computer in there hasn't been an issue at all - I turn it off at night, and it's dark and quiet, no big deal. 
The guestroom is important to us because we will have the kids come for visits, Richard's mom already announced she wants to check it all out next year, and we hope we will be able to host numerous friends here over the years. We want to share this beautiful place with those we love!

Btw, there are no photos of the guest room yet, because it has no furniture, just a mattress on the floor. I'm working on rectifying that!

Just found this great little shelf thingy yesterday for my necklaces and bracelets, it's perfect:

A couple more photos from the outside:

Bear in his element:

Did some snowga yesterday:

The view from our balcony:

The view from our front door when you look to your right:

I hope you enjoyed our home tour! I'm so happy I finally got to share it with you 💗



  1. Your new home is so beautiful. I love how you have decorated it. How about bar stools that have an aged looking leather cushion seat (no back as a compromise) or some kind of brown/white fake cow cover?
    I can't get over that view! I am happy that I get to admire it through your pictures.

  2. So freaking jealous of this home!

  3. What a beautiful location and what a cozy home. And a heated floor in the kitchen? You are living the dream right there!

  4. I love all the windows! So beautiful! And those windows!!

  5. So beautiful! I really love the space and how you've decorated it, everything looks so warm and inviting. Plus, that's one incredible view from your house.

  6. Thank you for sharing, it is all you through and through! I love your spirit, I can tell you will be very happy there. Miss you already :) Merry Christmas

  7. What province are you in? It looks beautiful. I am in B.C.

    1. We live in BC, too! In Merritt, a little cowboy town 3 hours north-east of Vancouver. It's our dream place!


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