Thursday 23 March 2017

Wild and free

Yesterday, I finally put the winter coats away. It's a ritual I treasure: I go through the pockets, relieving them of the detritus that has accumulated throughout the winter: Old receipts, crumpled tissues, some dog treats, usually at least one $5.00- or $10.00-bill (always in Rich's pockets, but now in mine - finder's keepers), the odd bullet, a dried-up gummy bear (that one surprised me the most; how did I not eat it?). I wash them all, air-dry them, and then they get ceremoniously folded and put away for the next six months. If I'm in the mood, I may even make a short speech: "See ya later, suckers!" or something along those lines. 

Along with the winter coats come the warm boots, woolly mittens, lined gloves, and an assortment of fuzzy and furry hats. 
And just like that, I feel free

As much as I liked this last winter, with its glittering snow and brilliant blue skies, nothing can replace the feeling of the first warm rays of sunshine on your skin in the spring. 

Something in me shifts. 
It's like I'm finding back to my true self, after having been lost in lazy-land. 
Suddenly, I'm full of energy! My body wants to move again, after having been sluggish for months, and I'm rearing to go.  

I'm walking again, even though it's all hills in our new neighbourhood (rats). I'm not fond of hills, but I guess I have to get used to it. 
And the difference it makes is astonishing: Better sleep, calmer mind, more energy. Plus, Lily and I are bonding even more (I didn't think that's possible, but there you go), and for that I would climb mountains! Well, I am, so you can take that literally. 

I'm also finally, finally practising yoga daily again. My body and mind miss it when I don't. 
Yet, I still go regularly through those phases where I only do it halfheartedly. (Those phases are called winter. Still, it's no excuse.) 
We humans have got to be the weirdest life form on earth. 
Even if we know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what's good for us - what makes us happy, relaxed, strong, calm, and all the other good stuff - we will stop doing it.  Again and again. 

Because we are lazy. Or we make up insane reasons in our mind why we can't do it (too busy; too tired; more important things to do; better things to do ← that one kills me; I'm such an idiot).  

But, as Buddha says: 

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

Let's focus on what we can do today, and forget about the mistakes from yesterday.

I often think that I'm less of a yogi, and more of a nature-worshipper. While I try to practice yoga inside - the true joy of yoga for me is only experienced in nature. Feeling the wind in my hair, the earth under my feet, smelling the bush and listening to bird song - there is nothing like it. That's what makes my soul sing. 

And our season is just beginning! We have six glorious months of outdoor practice ahead of us! I'm so excited for it.  

Happy Spring!



  1. I'm very jealous that you got to put your winter coats away already! We won't get to put ours away until May, but I imagine it'll be just as glorious as you described. I too love washing the coats and packing everything away for the season. Happy spring!

    1. I may have jumped the gun a wee bit - the temperatures dropped again 😣
      But instead of getting my freshly washed coats out again, I decided to layer+freeze - I won't admit defeat. It's spring, dammit! 😂 I hope it will warm up for both of us asap!
      Happy Monday!

  2. I definitely do not miss having real winter, but I distinctly remember that joyful feeling each year on the first day it was warm enough to go outside without a coat. And to roll down the car windows. And when the streets started getting wider because the months of packed snow had finally started to retreat.

    1. It's a tough price to pay, but it it makes the first few days of spring all the sweeter! Unfortunately, I spoke too soon, and spring left again after about 5 minutes. We had a snow storm last Sunday! The weather this year is crazy.

  3. Oh I bet it felt so good to put away those winter coats! Yay for spring!

    1. I spoke too soon - spring showed up for a hot minute, and disappeared again. It's been freezing cold for the last week 😣
      BUT I stayed firm and didn't get the winter coats out again. I won't give in to winter! Springs gotta be here any day now, right? RIGHT??!?!??


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