Wednesday 1 March 2017

Best of February

It's March! Which means we are one big step closer to spring! Come on, spring, you can come any day now - we are (not so patiently) waiting for you 🌸🌸 

I used to do monthly recaps all the time. They are wonderful reminders of all the good things that happened in the last little while, because there are always good things - even in months that feel blah, dark, or boring. 

In light of my last emo(ish) post, I thought it's high time to also highlight all the good stuff that happened in February.

At the beginning of the month, I started my new job! After an adjustment period*, I have started to really enjoy it. The staff and patients are extremely nice (or extremely drunk - there seems to be no middle ground), and have welcomed me warmly. I've gotten a few astonished questions along the lines of "You moved here? But why??",  but most people love this little town dearly, and understand exactly why we came.

*This is for my x-ray peeps: They still have CR. They split cassettes! (Because their CR reader is so damn slow, using one cassette for several images speeds up the exam considerably.) Their coning is tight, and I had to face the uncomfortable reality that mine, uhm, wasn't. But it's getting there again!
They also do ECGs and Holter monitors, so I had to learn a few new skills.

My writing project is going quite well, I'm approaching 40,000 words! I talked to a writer friend who urged me to do an outline instead of just winging it (which was my original approach), so I did. Right now my book has 16 chapters, and I'm finishing chapter 7 today. At this rate, it looks like the first draft of it will be 90,000-100,000 words. Crazy! No matter what becomes of it, I'm proud of having written so many words. 

As some of you may know, Richard fulfilled a long-time dream of his and bought himself 3 cows. They are miniature zebus, and they are sweet and gentle. After their escape from the trailer (you can read about it here) I have since managed to get them onto their pasture, and they look right at home there. 

Other highlights of February:

These fabulous mid-century bar stools:

I found them on Amazon, and they arrived five days after I ordered them. So quick! They were only Can$250.00 for both, and they make me smile every time I see them. 

Amazing, sun-lit mornings in our house:

It may be -16͒ C at night, but it feels like the tropics in here. 

My babes:

He isn't actually ours, he's just a guest for another month. But we have a nice little chat every morning over breakfast. (Well, his breakfast - I'm just the waitress serving him, watching him eat haha ;-) 

A dinner invitation at our neighbours that was a lot of fun and very delicious.

This girl, always and forever:

This guy, always and forever:

Snail mail, email, and texts from friends πŸ’—(love you guys!).

See, silly girl? It was a very good month. 

Here's to a happy March!

P.S. I send out a pep-talk every Sunday night that reminds me and you that life is really damn beautiful.  Want to check it out? Click here!



  1. It's so important to not forget the good things that happen, especially when you're battling a dark period. I haven't updated my list of little things recently because wonder of wonders it kind of feels like almost everything is good at the moment. But it would be worth doing at least a summary of a few things at least once a month, even if I'm not doing it every day. Love your list and the stools are beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy that things are going well for you! That's wonderful.
      I used to write a gratitude journal, and it was a great way to be thankful every day. I fell out of the habit, but I do like to sit down from time to time and reflect on all that's positive. It's such a small habit, but it really changes one's perspective and lifts the mood!

  2. it is always good to look back at the good times. You had a very full February which is nice because to me, February always feels empty. I actually had a good month too. I even got inspired to write a blog post.

    1. You did?! I'm checking it out right now!

    2. P.S. And you're right, February is an empty, blah month. I'm glad your's was good!

  3. Love your beautiful little moments from February! Thanks for sharing - and for always keeping it real, girl. The good, the bad, and all of the beauty between it all. xoxo

    1. It's all part of life, isn't it? I never understand the desire to only share the good stuff. It's only part of the story, and I want to know the WHOLE story. Having adversary and living through it to tell the tale? That's something to be proud of!

  4. I love this! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves just how lucky we are and how much we have to be happy about. Just seeing your smiling face in that crazy yoga pose makes me happy! Spring is on the way... everything gets a little better when the flowers start to pop up!

    1. "It's always darkest before the dawn". (~ Florence and the Machine)
      I think the last few days/weeks of winter are always the hardest to get through. When you are so close, you can almost taste/smell spring, but it's not *quite* there yet - it's torture!
      But despite that, there is beauty to be found in every day. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder :-)


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