Sunday 30 April 2017

He is back!

Remember when I told you that our young ram escaped a month ago? After we unsuccessfully chased him all over the neighbourhood to catch him, we found out two days later that he had joined a cult*.

*A herd of heifers

The owner of the young cows told us that he would be moving them in a few weeks, and that we could try to catch him then.
That day came last week, and we did, indeed, get him! I wasn't there, but Rich told me it involved a chute, a large net, and an old cowboy standing by with his lasso, just in case our freedom-loving boy would try to escape again.

Rich brought him him last Monday, and he seems beyond happy to be back with his family. He grew a lot, his horns have developed nicely, and I'm sure he entertains the lambs with tales of his wild adventures! By the way, there is nothing wrong with his coat, just in case you were wondering; our sheep have hair, not wool, and they are currently shedding their winter coat for a nice, light summer one.

I just thought I let you know about his safe return home, in case you were sitting at the edge of your seats for the last 4 weeks, wondering what had happened to him. 😉

Happy Sunday!

xoxo Miriam

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