Thursday 1 February 2018

My husband's mistress

I can hear them in the next room. My husband's moans, the rustling of sheets. I hear the bed squeak.
I never hear her; she is always quiet.
After what feels like an eternity, he emerges. Limping, groggy, barely able to make it to the bathroom. He doesn't acknowledge me, so focused is he on the task at hand - and to get back to her.
It's always her. She's there every moment of every day and night. Especially at night. 

She is needy. Demanding his attention. Greedily sucking out his energy. She forces him to stay in bed with her, or cuddle up on the couch with her, taking him away from me.
I try to talk to him, but often, he is distracted. He can't focus on me. I know that he wants to, but she is too powerful. 

She is constantly with him, squeezing him so tight, he can barely breathe. Her vice-like grip hurts. He's trying desperately to shake her off, but all she does is cling on even tighter.
It's easier to give up. Give in. Let her do what she's determined to do.

She wants so possess him. Dominate his every thought, emotion, and action. She dictates the way he moves, thinks, acts, lives.

But if she thinks she can dominate the way he loves, she can think again. 

Love is stronger than her.
Our determination to get rid of her is stronger than her.
She may have won a few battles, but she won't win the war.
We were there long before she discovered her power, and we will be there long after she lost it.
Him and I, we have weathered storms much more powerful than she could ever be. She better remember that.

Lyme may be strong, but we are stronger.
She won't defeat us. 

Top photo from Pixabay



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    1. I was sitting next to him a few days ago, telling him: "Our marriage feels crowded - it's not just the two of us anymore." He knew right away what I was talking about. Even though his illness has brought us closer together than ever, it's also taken over large parts of our life. I can't wait for her to leave!


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