Saturday 17 November 2018

The ultimate Gilmore girls gift guide

It's no secret that I'm a huge Gilmore girls-fan. It's my number one feel-good show, and I watch it whenever I need a break from the world and want to escape reality for a while. The other day I was idly browsing through the internet (as one does), and I came across this mug
Smelling snow is Lorelai's thing (but I smell it too, sometimes, don't you?), and not only is the mug gorgeous and Christmas-sy and whimsical, it also inspired me to go on the hunt for more Gilmore girls-merchandise, and the internet did not disappoint. Who knew there are so many great Gilmore gifts out there? 
I spent a fun hour putting together some of my favourites for yourself or another GG-fan in your life:

Keychain set

Stars Hollow Sweatshirt

Have fun shopping!

xo Miriam



  1. This is so awesome + so much fun! And, as you know, Gilmore Girls is my go-to chill out show as well! I watch it over + over + over. So much love. :) And, these gifts are just amazing! Thanks for sharing. I neeeeeeed the mug! xoxo

    1. Me, too! I'm also gonna order the Luke-poster for my room away from home. My little town where I work reminds me a little of Stars Hollow, the shabbier version 😊

  2. Oh yes I am in love with gilmore girls too :) I have a "no cell phone" Shirt .)

    1. That's so awesome! I saw one too, they're so great!


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