Wednesday 16 January 2019

Life with Lily

We have a lot of dogs. Always have, always will. Dogs are family to us, and we like having a big family. In my opinion, there's no other creature in the world that spreads as much joy and makes you feel as happy as dogs do. They are exuberantly excited to see you every single day! They never hold grudges! They are the true masters of living in the present and loving life, and surrounding yourself with that infectious quality is life-enriching.

I love them all equally, just like a parent loves their children equally. But just like a parent, I have my own special relationship with each one of them, and today, I want to focus on my relationship with Lily. Because Lily is special.

But first, say hi to the gang:
From left to right: Teddy (aka "the baby" as we refer to her, because she's a puppy - she just turned 1), Nina, Lily, and Tom Snow. The only one missing is Bear, who never comes in the house - he doesn't like being indoors.
This is his preferred environment:
Bear loves snow

Lily is the third dog in my life who chose me. If you've been chosen by a dog then you know what that means (and how special it is), but if not, let me explain: it's a dog deciding that you are their person. Out of everybody in this world, you are the most important person for them. If Rich and I walk with Lily and Nina and we part ways, Lily always follows me, no exception. Poor Nina is torn between Rich and me, because her loyalty is equally divided between him and me. But for Lily it's a no-brainer: she goes wherever I go. 
When I'm at work in our local hospital and I come home, 9 times out of 10 Lily will wait by the gate for me. Our driveway is long and the gate is quite far away from the house, but she will sit there, ears pricked up alertly, keeping a watchful eye out for my car. As soon as she sees it, her short tail goes into overdrive, and as soon as I jump out of the car to greet her, she does her little dance: she winds herself around and around and in between my legs, her lips pulled up in her (kinda scary) corgi-smile, and I tell you, being greeted like that lifts up your heart. You can' help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside, and that's why I will always have dogs. 
When we moved two years ago, Rich and I had to divide and conquer due to the sheer amount of animals, farm equipment and stuff we had, and we drove seperately up and down the icy mountain that separates our old and our new home close to 20 times each. But I was never alone: Lily was with me on every single one of those trips, even if there was barely any room for her:
No worries, I didn't keep her up there. She was in a safe place while we were on the road.

But she really saved me when I started my new job out of town last summer. Being away from home a week at a time was an adjustment to put it mildly, and the first two rotations were tough. I felt lonely and homesick, and I missed Rich and the dogs a lot. Luckily, I listened to my intuition and moved out of the first place I had moved to after living there for only a week, knowing that it wasn't the right fit. My next (and current) home allows me to bring Lily, and it's been a total game changer. Having her with me is the best thing ever, because I never feel lonely. 
We spent all day together every day. I walk her morning, noon and night, take her for every car ride, when I'm running errands, or going to work (she waits in the car and I walk her at my lunch break), and at home she's lying on bed with me when I'm writing, reading, or watching TV. 
We bicker like an old couple, because she's willful and stubborn and likes to do her own thing, and I'm no match for her spirit. Lily is fearless and independent, and as much as she likes people (she loves meeting new people, much to my bafflement) she also likes going off on her own, a trait we both share.
 But despite the bickering, she is my best friend. She loves going for walks, smiling all the way, and she enjoys her food just as much. She never begs, but she patiently sits next to anyone who's eating, staring up at them and hoping for a dropped bite. She sleeps as long as I do, and gives me the time I need in the morning to slowly wake up. Only when I've finished my second cup of coffee does she stir, letting me know that it's time for our walk.

Life with Lily is a lesson in how to be joyful. She's always in a good mood, no matter the weather or circumstances, as long as she is with her person. She is curious and brave, quick to defend me if she perceives someone as a threat, and she is the most loyal friend a girl could wish for.   
With a dog by your side life is more fun, you walk more, laugh more, and enjoy life more. I love that little girl with all my heart, and I know that no matter what will happen in the future, I can survive it with the help of my four-legged friends. 

xoxo Miriam



  1. Love this post! I have lived alone since July 22nd/18, the day Basca died. It is the first time since 50 (!!) years I have not had any dogs and cats, not even a little rodent or a bird. It sucks because it is like living in a void. Life always threw pets at us and we were always baffled how these smart, funny, sometimes stubborn but always loyal creatures were deemed "second choice/ not good enough" by their owners. All these pets always chose us, so now I wait. Not too much longer, I hope

    1. I hope so too, Marijke! I can't believe you don't have ANY animals right now. I'm sure your next one is just around the corner!
      I agree, many of our furry friends found their way to us, and not vice versa. It's very special when that happens, and it's usually the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

  2. Awe! I love Lily! Zeus is my baby. He waits until I am done my yoga and getting comfortable to meditate before he buries his head in my arm so I can scratch his ears. And he is SO excited when I get home he bounces and prances around. Haha He is really starting to show his age. Getting up is a chore some days.

    1. That their lives are so much shorter than ours is the worst. That really teaches us to live in the present, doesn't it. But I still believe with all my heart that the joy they give us during their lifetime is worth the pain in the end.
      I'm so happy that you still have your snuggle sessions with Zeus! Dogs are the BEST snugglers.

  3. Excuse me, I need to go cuddle up with my dog now. Thank you!


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