Friday 4 January 2019

Stand tall

It's day 4 of the brand-spanking new year, and this is what's happened so far: I received 4 books of poems in the mail from one of the best-known contemporary poets in Germany who I went to school with. She has her own Wikipedia page! I'm completely in awe of her and her creative genius. Thank you Nora! A thank-you note is on its way to you. 
Yes, I wrote a thank-you note. I love thank-you notes, they are so old-fashioned and classy, and I intend to write more this year. 

I'm also in the midst of creating a vision board.
I haven't made one in ages, as evidenced by the fact that I don't have glue at home, but I felt the urge to make one this year. What is a vision board you may ask? It's basically a visualization of everything I want from this year. I printed out images and quotes that speak to me, mixed in with my goals (handstand, splits and photography), some plans we made, and my two mantras for the year: relax and stand tall.  

The first is my word of the year, and I'm repeating it to myself every morning and night, and whenever needed throughout the day. And yes, it was already needed a few times this year lol!
The latter is my new mantra that I keep telling myself whenever I'm about to get scared.
I intend to stand tall and walk tall, and stop hiding myself. I'm by nature a timid person, and as women we are taught to keep ourselves small, but it's never too late to unlearn stuff that doesn't serve us. It doesn't serve me to stay small, and it doesn't serve you, and it doesn't serve the world! We all have something unique to offer, but nobody will benefit from it if we are too scared to share it. 
I chose the mantra stand tall because I can quickly tell that to myself before answering the phone, or in the midst of a conversation, or whenever I need an extra dose of courage to remind myself that I don't have to agree simply to keep the peace, or apologize for being me, or having to justify my lifestyle choices. 

I want 2019 to be filled with joy and colour, fresh air and sunsets and early quiet mornings spent outside amidst my animals. I want to explore new places, spend time with loved ones, and be unapologetically me. I want to wake up every morning with excitement for the new day, and go to bed every night with a grateful heart. I want to move my body every day, dance when I'm happy, cry when I'm sad, and never stop appreciating the life we built together and the one I built for myself. 

I want to be a little less well behaved and a little more untamed. Wild and free is what I aim to be, and I can become that when I just remember to stand tall. 
Stand tall, be brave, and stop hiding.
We can do this.

Will you stand tall with me?

Top picture from Pixabay



  1. I love your vision board! I do one every year. I've had several "visions" come true!

    Keeping relaxing. My word for the year is strength, as in I want to make decisions from a place of strength rather than fear.

    Stand tall!

    1. Strength is a powerful word! It's something all of us can use more of. And I'm thrilled that some of your visions came true! I believe in the power of visualization, and I'm excited to see which ones of my goals are coming true this year.
      I hope that yours will come true again for you! I have faith that they will.


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