Thursday 21 February 2019

It's happening ...

It's happening. 
Two days ago we saw a robin. 
Yesterday I saw patches of dark peeking through the thinning snow cover on our roof. 

Five lambs were born over the last two weeks.
The dogs are shedding.

The patch of sky and trees I see through the window upon waking up in my little room away from home is getting lighter a little bit earlier every day:

We may barely see it yet, but nature is getting ready ...


... for spring!

Trust me, it's happening.

xoxo Miriam



  1. We'll have to have a bit more patience but yes, definitively so are the days getting longer, the sunshine warmer, and the chickadees louder. The anticipation ups the circulation and drive to get busy. Best time of year Miriam :-))

    1. They say that anticipation is even better than the arrival of whatever it is that you're anticipating - I hope so. The waiting is alternately killing me and making me all excited! We got more snow and ice (ugh), but there is something in the air ... the promise of spring! I can't wait.


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