Wednesday 27 February 2019

Peeing our pants

Remember when I foolishly proclaimed last week that spring is on its way? Yeah, I may have jumped the gun on that. But it's not my fault, it's the robin's - it lied. Robins are supposed to return when it gets warmer, but it must have been just as impatient as me (I get it, robin) and returned a tad early. Which I can also understand, since there's no place like home, right? Except right now I can think of plenty of places that are better than home, like Mexico, Hawaii, the south of Spain, California, Arizona ... you get the idea.

We've been living in a deep freeze all month, and there's no sign in the forecast of warmer temperatures coming our way anytime soon. 

Life would be pretty good right now were it not for the weather. As anyone who lives in a cold climate can confirm, towards the end of the winter we go a bit bonkers. It's like needing to pee and having successfully held it for an hour, but as soon as you see your front door you basically pee your pants because you simply can't hold it any longer. 

That's me (and everybody else I know) right now. We are standing in front of the door (to spring), and we are so impatient for it to open (=spring to arrive), we collectively pee our pants (=go nuts).

But I'm trying to makes the best of it, because the other option (crying) isn't nearly as much fun. When the sky is blue and the sun is shining it's not that bad, despite the frigid temperatures. The snow, though slowly turning from pure white to yellow and dirty-black, still glitters in the spots where it is untouched by vehicles, human feet and the neighbourhood dogs. 

The sunny days are fine, but the grey ones threaten to destroy my soul. Chocolate helps, as do books (for my latest reads check my goodreads page), and as you can see from my latest post, I'm majorly crushing on outdoorsy hikers right now, living precariously through them. I've been binge-watching Dixie's videos on her YouTube channel Homemade Wanderlust. She is a Triple Crowner, meaning she hiked the three major trails in the US: the Appalachian Trail (2,200 miles), Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) and the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles) - close to 8,000 miles or 12, 875 kilometers! She's down to earth and cute as a button, and makes me forget the Arctic conditions we currently live in.  

For the writers amongst you, there is a contest I entered that you may find interesting as well: The Fountain Essay Contest which is still on for another two days (deadline is March 1). The topic is Should we be grateful? The prizes are great: 
1st place: $1,000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
Two Honorable mentions: $150 each 

Pretty sweet, right?

And that's pretty much it. Just biding my time, dreaming of warmer weather and trying to make the most of life. 

How are you doing?

xoxo Miriam



  1. We keep getting glimpses of spring here in Richmond; one day will be 50, the next there will be snow, and then the next will be 60 makes no sense! I'm over it! The trees and plants are even confused as well. Come on spring! I need to get out of this house.

    1. Omg,I know, right?! The end of winter is always the worst, especially if it seems like IT'S NOT COMING. I know it will, but the wait is agony.


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