Friday 19 April 2019

Lovin' (farm) life

I open my eyes to the sun streaming in, lighting up my happy pink walls. It's only 6 am, but we have finally reached the best time of the year: the time where you don't have to get up in the dark anymore. For the next 5+ months it will be light already when my alarm goes off, and nothing could make me happier!
Outside my window I hear the pheasant's mating call; the doves are cooing, the birds are chirping, and our roosters greet the new day enthusiastically. 

The cats are waiting outside the house, greeting me affectionately. Since the 5 kittens grew up together, they are all one big family, playing with each other and rarely fighting. They don't bother the birds, the dogs don't bother them, and seeing them all live peacefully beside each other is heaven on earth. If only humans could get along as well ...
Now is the time of the year where you never know what you'll find when you go on a walkabout around the farm. One day it's a baby goat, the next it's a lamb or some baby chicks. We are also expecting calves soon! I can't wait, baby miniature cows are about as cute as it gets. 
Babies  Bruce and Ted from last year
Bruce at 1 day old, not much bigger than the corgi!

Speaking of the cows: a few evenings ago the whole herd escaped from their pasture and ran lose on the farm for a few hours. Our property is completely fenced in so it was safe, and it was pretty cute to see them roam around! After a few hours they all walked into another pasture - well, all except Rosie, the black and white one to the right of the photo below. Rosie is a freedom-loving girl and likes being foot-lose and fancy-free! But will she be able to resist the power of the grain bucket? We will find out.
See how small they are? We love our minis.

Once spring has arrived we are drawn to the road. After a long winter staying close to home, we love nothing more than going on some drives. The other night we were following the sunset home, and I documented it all with my phone:
It was spectacular. We are sooo happy spring is here!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
xoxo Miriam



  1. Lovely photos! One of my favourite times of year too, Miriam. (although a sunny, crisp fall day does hold the top spot in my heart...)
    Happy Easter to you and Rich. Looking forward to seeing you both in May!
    xox Elaine

  2. I love the one of the kitty on the post! So cute! I love anything with cats though, haha.
    What a mess about the cows! My parents had an opposite situation recently: a bunch of cows from a neighboring farm got out and the sweet little Amish people who live behind them though they were my dad's, so they put the other cows into our pasture! Eeek! Thankfully, Dad's cows were in another part of the property, so they didn't get mixed in. That would have been a mess!

    1. Haha, don't you love farm life? It's certainly never boring.
      We lured them all back into their pasture, the grain bucket worked its magic as expected lol

      We had our first calf a few days ago, it's so cute! I love having them around, cows are very soothing animals.


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