Sunday 16 May 2021

A really good day

I'm reporting live from my desk at dusk, listening to the Walk Off The Earth playlist, after I had a VERY GOOD DAY. The news don't like to report good stuff, because apparently it doesn't sell as well as bad news. Well, screw that, I'm gonna report about my good day! Not in a braggy way though, because humble-bragging is the WORST.

The elements that make a post braggy (and so annoying) usually include either 
a) expensive vacations normal mortals can't afford, 
b) free shit normal mortals don't get, 
c) invitations to exclusive events normal mortals don't get invited to, or 
d) some rare stroke of luck, like winning the lottery, or getting an extremely rare contract to something we wish we could get (book contract for me). 

Well, rest assured, none of the above apply. 
Today was simply wonderful because the weather was beautiful, I had the day off, and I did all the things I love to do!

I yogaed and meditated with the humming birds above me, and had coffee and a warm chocolate croissant after. 
Lily and I went for a walk. 

When we came home it was so warm, I spent the rest of the day in cut-off shorts and a bikini top! I did some house cleaning, played with the horses, watched Rich do some planting, did some chores, drank some wine, cooked some food, and enjoyed every last minute of everything. 

I felt grateful and happy and content all day. That usually happens when the weather is as gorgeous as it was today, but it also has a lot to do with meditating in the morning. "Focus on the now", Andy keeps telling me (I do guided meditation via the Headspace App). And you know what? He's right. 
It's Sunday night, 9:15 pm, and the Sunday Scaries are living their best life in many people's lives right now. Not here, though - I'm still living in my Sunday bliss. Fuck off, Sunday Scaries!

Are we comfortable with (semi-) nakedness? Hell yes, we are! The sun feels beautiful on naked skin. 

Today was totally ordinary. For many people, it was a day they wouldn't like. Cleaning your living room? Doing chores on your day off? Cleaning your toilet? How annoying. 

But I loved today. I love where I live, who I spend my time with, and my own company. That's the secret to it all, kids. 

As simple as it sounds: that's it. You have to find a place, occupation, and person you like to spend your time with. 
But most importantly: you have to like yourself

Because you won't spend more time with anybody else than yourself.
Make sure she's the coolest chick around!


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