Thursday 24 June 2021

Hello from summer!

Hi friends!

I'm in the middle of a season of *being* instead of doing, which is what I'm always striving for, so I'm ecstatic! What that means is that this blog is taking a backseat, because I'm not in a creating mood. 
However, I'm still taking pictures (I doubt that will ever stop), life is going on, and I wanted to share some of those photos and the surrounding events in this space. 
I hope your summer is happy as well!

This porch is the happiest place on earth for me. On the right there's a hammock that's in the shade for about three-quarters of the day, with a nice breeze going. During the short period when it gets too hot in the hammock I retreat into the pool (photo below). 

On this porch I relax after work, catch up with my husband, read, nap, dream, and drink wine. It also reminds me vividly of our vacations in Mexico, because we are hanging out with cool drinks in our hands in comfortable chairs or hammocks, watching the other guests hanging out around the bar, which around here means baby chicks around the watering dish or hummingbirds around the feeder, but doesn't lack any of the drama humans conjure up. 

Roosters, male hummingbirds, and male ducks are having fights worthy of Fight Club on a daily basis, fighting over who's the bravest and biggest, I imagine. Typical male-stuff, which seems to be spanning across all species.

However, the ladies are not shy in the fighting department either, but with a much more serious objective. We've been having a serious crow- and raven-problem this year, meaning that the crows/ravens have been attacking the eggs (and even newborn chicks) relentlessly this year.
Not on our fighting chickens' watch, though! These tough little birds have been pecking them so viciously that they've slowly retreated. Tough chicks for the win!   

Rich's favourite horse is officially retired from riding. He's now enjoying life as the head honcho of two young mares and a hotshot teenager, bossing them all around, eating extra portions of senior food and enjoying the whole experience tremendously. 
It's hard on Rich, but very easy on Dancer. He takes to retirement just as easily as his dad does. 
(Dancer is the white one.)

We spent last weekend with our youngest, feistiest, and most-like-Rich daughter, and we are still recovering. Haha, just joking.
(Not really.) 
(Her energy level is SCARY. Is that normal for 25-year-olds?)
(We live a very quiet life compared to hers.)
(Still, you're the #1-person we will suffer for, in any and all ways, always.)
Love you!

Our sweet grandson is over 2 years old (28 months, I think?), and while we haven't seen him much, we've devoured every update and picture. We love him so much. 

We are very grateful and happy right now. Reporting happiness is kinda boring - living it is everything. 

But, it's temporary. Just like sadness is. NEVER forget that. 
If you're going through a tough time right now, remember this: you're experiencing growing pains. And you've experienced - and survived them - many times before. Everything is temporary. And you can survive everything. 
Just hang in there. 
I was where you are - and right now life is great. 
But, and there's no doubt about it, it will be crappy again. But I will hang in there then as well, because you know what? It will get stupidly happy again. 

Yep, that's the secret to life: it's a roller coaster.  
An ebb and flow. 
Ying and yang. 
Waxing and waning moon. 
Feast or famine.

All or nothing?

I refuse to believe that. 
I know that the world is not white or black. It also isn't 50 shades of grey. 
It's an infinite amount of rainbow colours, and many in-between-shades we haven't defined yet, and that I have a hard time even finding the appropriate words for.

So - let's not. Let's not define the yet-undefinable. 

Life is still full of mystery and possibility. It's still a fairy tale. It still yields so many surprises. 
I wanna be surprised for a little bit longer. 
Don't you?   


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