Friday 15 March 2013

First entry

So this is my very first attempt at writing a blog. I'm on facebook, LOVE instagram and pinterest, am a huge fan of Emma and Elsie's blog A beautiful mess (, and decided to give it a go.
Just one more platform to put pictures on, share stories, be inspired to live life to the fullest - gotta do fun things so I have something to write about, right?
Maybe I will give it up again, but maybe I will stick to it, who knows? Right now I know basically absolutely nothing about blogs, but I hope I learn it as I go along.
And hopefully I will also develop a theme over time.
Here's about me in a nutshell:
33 years old, German, immigrated to Canada 10 years ago because I met the love of my life, Richard. We live on a hobby farm on the West coast of Canada. I love taking pictures of our farm and animals and intend to share them here. Love stories, reading them and having them read to me - audiobooks are the best!
My perfect day: Coffee in bed with pinterest, going for a long walk with my Kuvasz Snowy while listening to a story (currently: Cecilia Ahern's The Time of my Life), Sushi lunch with my hubby, big campfire in our back yard with wine, friends and the dogs around us. Maybe a swan or two. Heaven!

That's it for today. Gotta watch Banshee with the hubster.
xo Miriam


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