Sunday 24 March 2013

Weekend reflections

This has been a beautiful March weekend. I was off for three days and did all the things I love: coffee in bed, long walks with my dog, watching our animals hanging out in the sun.
The sheep were getting a bit crazy, jumping up in the air and running up and down the field, just loving life, it's great! Our peacocks are displaying pretty much non-stop right now to any and every bird that comes close; but the chickens remain unimpressed.
Tried out my new roller skates (LOVE the retro look, they are so fun) - haven't roller skated in roughly 15 years, did roller blading instead for a while - apart from stopping (can't do it) and going downhill (the stopping issue) it's not too bad - I didn't fall! I will definitely have to practice a few more times though before attempting the seawall.
I'm really bitten by the photo bug. Even though I know embarrassingly little about photography I enjoy it so much - everything is a possible photo opportunity, I look at things completely different all of a sudden. That cup of coffee? Let's photograph it! These chickens that have been around for years and I never looked twice at? So pretty, let's capture them! Strawberries, figurines, my dogs, food, hats... it all looks so attractive. Thank god for Instagram, MagicHour and Camera Zoom FX (my favourite android photo apps), they help sooo much. I can play around for hours, editing and re-editing pictures, trying different filters, mixing and matching... it's fun. And it's a passion that I hope will stick around!
This blog is a huge motivation, I'm learning a lot every day and intend to keep improving.
xo Miriam

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