Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy Bunny

It's Easter weekend, and the weather couldn't be more gorgeous: clear blue sky, warm sunshine on the skin, birds chirping away. Today I put my winter coat away for the season, feels so good!
Happiness to me is the simple things: dogs SO excited to see us every single day, nature awakening after a dark and wet winter, sunshine, my hubby, time spent with friends, a really good book. A glass of white wine. Fresh coffee in the morning in bed. Funny co-workers. Finding a new passion (this blog? Photography!).

And a campfire! I adore fires in the backyard.

Happiness is fragile and so breakable. Never take it for granted.
So I try to count my blessings, enjoy every day and be grateful for all the good things in life.

But that's enough with the contemplative mood!
I'm gonna have a cup of tea and look at pretty pictures on Pinterest. Another little piece of happiness. :-)

I hope everybody is having an excellent Easter weekend filled with family, friends, and lots of chocolate!

Farm-fresh Easter eggs

 xo Miriam

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