Wednesday 12 August 2015

I'm annoyed

Hi humans, Lily here.

I have a request to make. My human parents brought a new sister home four months ago, and I would like to return her. Who can I talk to about this?

At first she may seem okay. But don't be fooled: It takes her all of 0.2 seconds to become annoying again. 

All she wants to do is play.

And bite.
Luckily, not only me. 

But it's all day everyday! We are all exhausted. 

I need a break.

I miss the old times when it was just me and my parents. 
My mom took me everywhere.
We went on roadtrips... the beach...
... swimming with my not annoying sister...
... and hanging out with dad.
I was the centre of attention. Now?
Instead of having me on his lap, as it should be, she is always by dad's side.

And don't even ask me what mom is doing here. 

Parents are so embarrassing. 

Any suggestions what to do about annoying little sisters are welcome. 
I'm not happy.


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