Saturday 4 February 2017

Unexpected Valentine's gifts for people who hate Valentine's Day

Confession time: I hate Valentine's day. There, I said it. I love love, and I'm all for showing your special person that you love them. But that particular day irks me.
Here is why: I think it makes people feel bad about themselves.

If you are single, V-Day is the worst. Who needs an entire day dedicated to reminding you that you are alone? That's what mothers are for.
If you are in a relationship, V-Day is a minefield. There are countless ways to get it wrong:
a) By not buying anything. "Don't you love me?"
b) By being uninspired and getting the old, overpriced flowers, when she was hoping for something more personal.
c) By buying the wrong thing. "Don't you know me at all?"

Instead of having the cozy, lovey-dovey evening that all the advertisements promised you, you are now fighting. Great.

But, there is a way out of this! Obviously, you can boycott Valentine's Day. It's an approach I have taken many times myself, and it's a perfectly decent way to avoid VD-related drama and disappointment.
The only flaw with this method? It's a bit boring.  

If you want to have some fun this Valentine's Day, why not join them? It's been a long winter already, and a little gift for you lover, bestie, or yourself is just what the doctor ordered.
The key is to have fun with it, and not take VD seriously.

I searched the Internets and found nine unique gifts that will avoid all V-Day related drama, and make you and your giftee laugh!
Everybody wins. 

Truer words have never been spoken. Bubble butts, unite! 🍑

2. Funny cookies: 'Pizza is my valentine'. Yes, it is. 
I have featured Hayleycakes and Cookies on the blog before, because they are incredibly awesome and hilarious. 'Uteruses before Duderuses'? I'm dying. All I can say is: 'I hope your day is as nice as your butt'. 

3. Signs
If you read this and go like "Huh?", I get you. Until a month ago, I wouldn't have known what the hell this means, either. Two words: Ice fishing. Now it makes sense!

4. I like your face wine glass.

Don't forget the bottle (or box) of wine that goes with it.

5. Couples' pillows
A match made in heaven!

6. Cute candles.
Candles are always a good idea. These ones are personalized, which makes them more special.

7. Two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers. 
Awww. Aren't they adorable?

8. Cute notecards.
Pro-tip: You don't even have to buy them. Just steal the quotes, write them on blank cards and pass them off as your own. Cheap and cheerful! 

If you love avocados, you know that the struggle is real. Every avocado-fanatic in your life will appreciate these babies! (Pst. They are under $10!)

What are you waiting for? Get your funny Valentine's on! 

P.S. I have a little Valentine's gift for you! Just click here to get it. Love ya, mean it!

Top image found here.



  1. I like the grumpy cat raining hearts picture. Haha! And I'd eat any of those cookies. Yum.

    1. Are you following her on Instagram? (@thehayleycakes)
      It's my fave IG account right now, her cookies are so funny and original! She also posts these videos where she's decorating the cookies, and it's the most therapeutic thing you'll ever see. I could watch her for hours!

  2. I love these gift ideas! Simple, usable things with a sweet message. The candle is awesome. I may send that to my husband just because. My husband hates valentines day so we have progressed to skipping the holiday altogether. He did surprise me with something this year, which was a sweet gesture since we basically don't even live together right now.

    1. Oh, that must be so hard. When you're apart, little gifts mean so much! I hope you guys managed to feel close on Valentine's day, despite the distance ❤


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