Friday 23 June 2017

Making memories

Guys, I have so much to tell you. However, I'm short on time, so this may or may not be in point form. 
The problem with blogging only about once a week (which I honestly hate, I want to blog moooore) is that, when you finally sit down to do it, you don't know how to make sense of the mess in your head. In lieu of doing anything complicated, I'll just share what's been going on the last few days, okay?

If you've read my last post (or my newsletter), you know that my mother-in-law is in town. Every visit has its ups and downs, but we always manage to have some genuinely fun times together. A few days ago, we went for a quad ride into the high country, and she loved it! So did I, as did Tom Snow, who jumped over the gate and followed us:

We're still busy around the ranch with getting barns and animal shelters built. The sheep's new house already has a name: Sheepy Hollow 😄
I'll share photos when it's done!

We've also been planting a crazy amount of trees and shrubs. Despite the dry climate, there are lots of plants that thrive here, and we're excited to transform this place into a green oasis! 

We've planted Saskatoon Berry shrubs all along the driveway, to create a nice, welcoming entrance

Over the last 3 days we picked up 750 bales of hay from the field; 700 for us, and 50 for a friend. Luckily, we didn't have to do it alone, but had the help of new friends: 4 awesome guys whom we've grown very fond of. They are always in a good mood, with plenty of jokes flying around, and they managed to make a pretty awful task really fun!

Once the hay was in, we threw a spontaneous party with pizza, guitar-music and a late-night fire - it was so Canadian, it almost hurt. Just look at all the plaid going on!

We also had a few of the girls here for a visit, which partly explains my more pronounced absence from online life. Real life has taken over, and I'm not mad about it - I'm making memories like crazy these days.

And now I'm off to bed, because tomorrow morning I'm off to another adventure: Meeting my little sis in Paris. I have the distinct feeling that my brief Instagram hiatus is about to be over ...

What are you up to these days?

xoxo Miriam



  1. Missing your posts but so delighted that you're just focused on making those memories. And please post like crazy on Instagram when you're in Paris!

  2. You bring such joy to those around you!


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