Sunday 18 June 2017

The cure for everything

What do you do when your MIL tells you, in quick succession, that 
a) your corgi is too fat, and that "she won't get old when you keep feeding her like that", and
b) your hips got bigger (said to Rich, not me: "Did she gain weight? Her hips look bigger.", which, in her dialect, is phrased as "Did it gain weight? The hips look bigger.").

The old me would have been deeply offended and agonized about her comments for weeks.
The new me, fortunately, has found a much better way of dealing with it: Shrug it off. 
In a life that feels so good and is so fulfilling, her words are nothing but a little blip. Thoughtless and slightly insulting, but nothing to get worked up about. 
Whenever it gets too MIL-ly in the house, I take the dogs and go for a walk. Nature's beauty is so soothing, it cures everything!

Even fat-shaming my girl and my nice, womanly hips.  

Have a wonderful Sunday! Don't let anybody dull your sparkle. 
We are fabulous!

xoxo Miriam



  1. Goodness, your MIL sounds so rude. I'm sorry. You're in fabulous shape! I'm glad you handle it so well, but I know words hurt.

    1. It's this weird thing Germans do: They call it being honest, we North Americans call it rude. I keep reminding myself that she's an old lady (she is 83), and to not take her too seriously. It's a good thing that we usually have 10,000 km between us! 5 more days (but who's counting 😂).

  2. Eye roll on the comments. Sounds like she's got her own personal problems to sort through if she's that judgmental. You and Lily just keep living your best lives.

    1. She has firm opinions about people's appearance: She likes dark tans, no grey hair, and slim figures. Everything else will be commented on, numerous times. *sigh*
      My current mantra is "she is 83, she is 83", with the uplifting addition "only 5 more days, only 5 more days"... ;-)

  3. Wait - she doesn't actually say "Did it gain weight?" does she??

    1. It's her dialect. Saying "it" instead of "she" isn't meant in a rude way, but it does sound terrible.


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