Sunday 6 August 2017

Dating is hard

What you see above is the tragic, but all-too-common story of a love triangle. Two girls, one guy - that's just asking for trouble, isn't it?!

But let me start at the beginning.
Two weeks ago, Rich went to the local pub for a pint. There, he met Will, an old, shrewd cowboy from around here. They talked for a bit, and when Rich mentioned our mini cows, Will said he would like to come over and take a look at them.

We think they are the best thing since sliced bread, but for an old cowboy, they are a bit of a joke. It doesn't matter though, to me they are the prettiest cattle in the whole valley!

The boys talked, and somehow they got it into their heads that it would be a great idea to drive an hour each way to Princeton, to pick up a stallion from a buddy of Will's. I thought that he was just a loan, to be returned after the job was done.
I was mistaken.
Apparently, the other guy didn't need him any more, and just gave him to us.

Now we own a stallion.
As it turns out, an unnamed one, because when I asked the guys what his name was, they looked at me like I was crazy, shrugged their shoulders and mumbled something along the lines of "we don't know/we forgot to ask". Seriously?!
I called him Joey for a while, but we have now named him Carl.

Yesterday, we let Carl out of his separate pasture for the first time, to hang with the ladies.
Almost instantly, the drama unfolded.

For the first minute, Carl did a run around the new pasture, checking it out, enjoying his new freedom, and scaring Stormy.
"I'm the hell outta here!"
But then, he saw Chanook.
Channok is a black Andalusian mare, and she is in heat. Carl could smell her from a mile away.
"Mmh mmh mmh ... delicious."
He was on her right away. 

Until he saw Santana.
Santana is our grey Andalusian mare, and she is younger and skinnier than Channok. As soon as Carl saw her, Chanook was history.
"Hello there!"
"How are you doin'?"
Guys can be such jerks. 
Chanook: "Hey, I'm over here!"

"Santana, I love you."
However, as soon as Carl realized that Santana was behind a fence (i.e. unavailable to him at this moment), he figured Chanook would be good enough after all. 
"Come here baby, give me some sugar."
Channok wouldn't have any of it. "Get off me! Who do you think I am?"
Carl tried to play contrite.
"I'm sorry baby, I messed up. You are the only woman for me!"
Chanook decided to give him a second chance.

Little did she know that the other woman was on her way to her man.

Who will win his heart? How many babies will we have next year?
Only time will tell. 

xoxo Miriam



  1. Classic Carl....such a stud 😂

    1. Such a Carl-thing to do 😂
      He was really exhausted all day yesterday. Serves him right 😉

  2. Reading this was like watching The Bachelor, horsie version.


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