Wednesday 29 November 2017

Taking absentmindedness to the next level

The last few weeks have not been the greatest.
Rich has been plagued by mysterious pains for over 3 months, and nobody knows the cause. The pain usually likes to hang out in his knee, strolling down his leg towards the ankle on a daily basis. But it gets bored by the same scenery after a while and likes to adventure around his body, visiting his elbows, neck, and sometimes the other knee, just to see if the grass is greener there (it isn't). 

We're regulars at the lab, inadvertently giving the old blood letting a go by giving copious amounts of blood in the hopes that it will reveal what's going on in Rich's body. So far, no luck, but hope dies last, right?  
We've also seen a specialist who did the most thorough note-taking of Rich's health history I've ever seen, filling several pages with everything from his chickenpox when he was 5 years old, to the bump he had surgically removed from his wrist a few years ago. 
At some point, she kicked me out of the room, on the pretense that she had to do a physical "and it's so crowded in here" (it wasn't). 
In truth, she asked him about any possible STDs and sexual partners, wondering aloud if what's bothering him is Chlamydia (it's not!).
The worry about his health has caused another, rather unpleasant side-effect: absentmindedness. Not so much in Rich - but in me.
With tragic consequences.

To keep the mystery alive, I will only give you a few hints, and you can draw your own conclusions. Ready?

Aunt Flo. 
Feminine hygiene product. 
Didn't I...? Hmm, can't find it, I must not have. 

One week later. 

Oops. I did. It's still in there. 
One trip to the emergency department and a prescription for two heavy-duty antibiotics daily for a week later, and I feel very, very stupid. 
And incredibly lucky. 

Ladies, that shit can be life-threatening. I had no pain, no symptoms, no problems - aside from a decidedly unpleasant smell. 

Listen to your bodies (or smell them, as the case may be), and pay attention! At least more than I did. 
Which, honestly, isn't hard.

One problem down in the Farm Girl+Boy household, one more to go. 

I'll keep you posted. 



  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you are okay! I have read horrifying articles about what can happen if that happens; you are lucky your body didn't decide to really rebel against you.

    1. I honestly never thought that could happen to me. But routine combined with a bit of worry and distraction make for a dangerous mix! It reminded me that I should be more present in my everyday life. We'll see how that goes lol 😜

  2. I'm glad that it was caught in time and you could get it taken care of with antibiotics and that you're ok! I hope you (and Rich!) get feeling better and can find a small sense of calm very soon!

    1. Thank you Katie! I got lucky, and I'm fairly sure it will never happen again (fingers crossed 🤞). Now we just have to find a diagnosis and treatment for Rich (fingers double-crossed 🤞🤞).
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. So glad you got that all worked for you!! Now, on to solving Rich's mystery! Sending love! xo

    1. Thank you Liz! 😙💕
      We're hoping we will get some answers next week when we go back to the specialist 🤞

  4. Mystery illnesses are not any fun! �� After a year of tests and specialists I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The roving joint pain was a symptom. Just thought I would mention that. ��Best of luck getting to the bottom of it!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, we will look into that. I hope you're feeling better now?!

    2. Still working on feeling better - it's a process for sure. :(

    3. I hope you'll find a good treatment soon!

  5. Ah! Good on you for taking care of yourself once you figured it out! That's one of my nightmares!

    1. Honestly, it never even occurred to me that this could happen! Now I'm positively paranoid, I never want to have to go through that embarrassment again lol


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